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Vol. 37, December  2000

Indian Pediatrics - December 2000, Vol. 37, Number 12


  • Editorial

Neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism - Andrew A.M. Morris 1303

  • Original Articles

Transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus - Savitri Shrivastava, Ashutosh Marwah and S. Radhakrishnan 1307

Mortality and morbidity in high risk infants during a six year follow-up - Sudha Chaudhari, Sujata Kulkarni, Anand Pandit and Surekha Deshmukh 1314

Impact of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) on maternal nutrition and birth weight in rural Varanasi - K.N. Agarwal, D.K. Agarwal, A. Agarwal, S.Rai, R. Prasad and T.B. Singh 1321

  • Personal Practice

Human immunodeficiency virus infection - Surjit Singh 1328

  • Brief Reports

Evaluation of safety of oral vitamin ‘A’ megadose co-administered with measles vaccination - Sugandha Arya, Harish Chellani and Jyotsna Pandey 1341

Electrolyte abnormalities in children admitted to pediatric intensive care unit -  S.D. Subbarao and Biju Thomas 1348 

Colorectal carcinoma in Indian children - M.S. Bhatia, S. Chandna, R. Shah and D.D. Patel 1353

Relative risk and prevalence of illness related to child labor in a rural block - A.S. Daga 1359 

Preliminary studies in IL-6 levels in healthy and septic Indian neonates - Deepa Bhartiya, Chhaya Kapadia, Kishore Sanghvi, Harinder Singh, Rohini Kelkar and Rashid Merchant 1361

  • Case Reports

Pseudo-gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum - Alexander Chandran Paul, Sneha Varkki, Mary S. Mathews and Prabhakar D. Moses 1368

Bilateral adrenal cysts in a newborn - Bharat Balani, Ramesh Kumar, A.K. Patwari and V.K. Anand 1370

Engelmann’s disease with cardiomyopathy - Panna Choudhury, Vandana Batra, Bobby Batra and Dheeraj Gandhi 1373

Xeroderma pigmentosa with multiple malignancies - A.R. Nalgirkar, S.S. Borkar and S.A. Nalgirkar 1377

Basal artery occlusion with hyperlipoproteinemia type IIb causing ischemic stroke in an infant - S.P. Choudhary, Dimple Agarwal, R.K. Gupta and Suresh Yadav 1380

  • Images in Clinical Practice

Asymmetric crying facies - Hüseyin Çaksen 1385

Hypomelanosis of Ito - Archna B. Patel and Ramesh L. Renge 1386

  • Immunization Dialogue

Testing vaccine potency - S. Nagabhushana 1387

Reply - T. Jacob John 1387

Jaundice in hepatitis B immunized - Ashish Jain 1388

Reply - T. Jacob John 1388

  • Letters to the Editor

Factor X deficiency: An unusual cause of spontaneous intracranial bleeding - N.S. Menon 1390

Effect of antenatal steroids on lung maturity and brain development - B.R. Santhanakrishnan 1390

Reply - Rajiv Aggarwal and Lynette Downe 1391

Diphtheria–certainly not out - Banani Poddar and Veena R. Parmar 1393

Reply - Tanu Singhal, Rakesh Lodha and S.K. Kabra 1393

Polio eradication strategy: Need for re-appraisal - Naveen Thacker 1395

Reply - Yash Paul 1396

Issues related to the psychological aspects of recurrent abdominal pain - Nitin Gupta 1400

Reply - Bharat Balani and A.K. Patwari 1401

Use of cisapride - Alexander Mathew 1402

Reply - A.K. Deorari, P.S. Reddy and V.K. Paul 1403

Non-invasive estimation of total serum bilirubin - M.M.A. Faridi and Deepa Gupta 1404

Reply - R. Lodha, A.K. Deorari and V.K. Paul 1406


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