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Vol. 36, May 1999

Indian Pediatrics - May 1999, Vol. 36, Number 5




Diabetes in immigrant Asian children - M S Kibirige  445

Original Articles

Clinico-immunological profile of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at Chandigarh - Surjit Singh, Manju Salaria, Lata Kumar, Ranjana Minz, Usha Datta and Shobha Sehgal  449

Effectiveness of BCG vaccination against tuberculous meningitis - Shally Awasthi and Soofia Moin - 455

Academy Matters

lAP policy on age of children for pediatric care  461


Growth of infants and children in China - Christina S. Sit and David L. Yeung 464

Essentials of Biostatistics

Medical uncertainties - A. Indrayan and L. Satyanarayana  476

Brief Reports

Hospital induced malnutrition in infants: Prevention by relactation - Joao Guilhereme Bezerra Alves,Fernando Figueira and Luis Carlos Nacul 484

Risk factors and spectrum of neonatal jaundice in a birth cohort in Karachi - Khuram Arif and Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta  487

Comparison of two methods of taping peripheral intravenous cannulas - Rosalita Almonte, Sanjay Patole, Reinhold Muller and John Whitehall  494

Immunogenicity of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine in thalassemic children - G.R. Sethi, Sangeeta Sharma, S. Sudha and R.K. Rishi 498

Case Reports

Tracheal agenesis - Ashok Saxena, Kanya Mukhopadhyay and Allil Narang  502

Scurvy in transfusion dependent beta-thalassemia - Munni Ray, R.K. Marwaha, G. Sethuraman and Amita Trehan 504

A child with a DIC (15p; 22p) centric fusion and fetal valproate syndrome - N. Sharief, T. Adams, L. Butler, J. Gnanaratnam  507

Images in Clinical Practice

Morphea: Plaque and linear type - Sumit Kar and Pradeep Sahare 513

Immunization Dialogue

Newer vaccines and 15 doses of OPV  515

Hepatitis B vaccine  517

Letters to the Editor

Serological profile of cases of acute flaccid paralysis - S. Jaisval, A.M. Jana, Y.P. Thawrani and K.M. Belapurker  519

Hemoglobin levels and concomitant intestinal parasitoses among children in and around Patna - Umesh Kumar, Sheela Sinha, Raja Ram Pd. Singh and S.P. Srivastava  521

Lymphangiomatous mesenteric cyst - J.P. Soni, B.D. Gupta, M.P. Singh and Meenakshi Soni 522

Published MCQ's also need qualitative reconsideration - Ravi Goyal  523

Infectious disease control in India: Confused priorities? - R.N. Srivastava  524

Evidence Based Medicine  526

Readers' Forum  528

Global Update   530

Pedscapes  531

Book Reviews  533

Clippings  536



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