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Vol. 38, January  2001

Indian Pediatrics - January 2001, Vol. 38, Number 1


  • Editorial

Resistant malaria in children - Pascal Ringwald 9

  • Original Articles

Management of retinoblastoma with radiation - Punita Lal, B.M. Biswal, B.K. Mohanti, G.K. Rath, S. Ghose, T. Vasantha, D.N. Sharma and L.S. Arya 15

Randomized comparison of a dry powder inhaler and metered dose inhaler with spacer in management of children with asthma - Meenu Singh and Lata Kumar 24

  • Personal Practice

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus - Manju Salaria and Meenu Singh 29

  • Recommendations

National Consultation on Benefits and Safety of Administration of Vitamin A to Pre-School Children and Pregnant and Lactating Women 37

  • Essentials of Biostatistics

11. Statistical relationships and the concept of multiple regression - A. Indrayan and L. Satyanarayana 43

  • Brief Reports

A pilot study of the nutritional status of disabled and non-disabled children living in Dharavi, Mumbai - M.Pai, M. Alur, S. Wirz, S. Filteau, S. Pagedar and A. Yousafzai 60

Error in neonatal daily weight measurement caused by equipment weights - Rekha Solomon, Atanu Kumar Jana, Sridhar S. and Kurien Anil Kuruvilla 65

Nosocomial infections in newborns - Abida Malik, Shoaib E. Hasani, Haris M. Khan and Arza J. Ahmad 68

Myelodysplastic syndromes in childhood and adolescence: Clinical and hematological profile - Z.N. Singh, R. Kashyap, H.P. Pati and V.P. Choudhry 72

Pattern of skin diseases in children in Garhwal region of Uttar Pradesh - K.S. Negi, S.D. Kandpal and D. Parsad 77

  • Case Reports 

Benign neonatal sleep myoclonus - Jatinder S. Goraya, Banani Poddar and Veena R. Parmar 81

Top-of-the-basilar-artery stroke - Sudeshna Mitra, Debabrata Ghosh, Ratna Puri and Veena R. Parmar 83

Suppurative submandibular sialadenitis in a neonate - Manju Salaria, Banani Poddar, Kajal Chawla and Durlabh Singh 87

Juvenile Sandhoff disease - A.G. Unnikrishnan, Sumita Danda and M.S. Seshadri 89

Progressive pseudorheumatoid arthritis of childhood - Rekha Mittal and Sunil Bhargava 93

  • Images in Clinical Practice

Eyelid beading - A useful diagnostic clue for lipoid proteinosis - Devinder Mohan Thappa and Shally Gupta 97

Caudal Regression Syndrome 98

  • Immunization Dialogue

Which is optional vaccine - Yash Paul 99

Reply - T. Jacob John 99

  • Letters to the Editor

Linking vitamin A distribution to the pulse polio program - H.M. Swami and J.S. Thakur 103

Reply - Panna Choudhury and A.P. Dubey 104

Vaccine vial monitors - Julie Milstein 107

Cisapride use in preterms - Srikantia Basu and Durlabh S. Bishnoi 108

Reply - A.K. Deorari, P.S. Reddy and V.K. Paul 109

Vertical transmission of Citrobacter freundii - Piyush Gupta, Deepa Gupta, N.P. Singh and M.M.A. Faridi 110

Hydrops fetalis in placental chorioangioma - K.K. Locham, Rajinder Garg and Sanjiv Goel 112


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