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Vol. 35, October 1998

Indian Pediatrics - October 1998, Vol. 35, Number 10




Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - Peter Morrell   953

Original Articles

Nutritional status, psychosocial development and the home environment of Indian rural children -Shahnaz Vazir, A. Nadamuni Naidu and P. Vidyasagar  959

Clinical, biochemical and cytomorphological observations in juvenile chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis - R.K. Marwaha, R. Sankar, M. Magdum, V.S. Nijahvan, C.M. Khanna, C.B. Jaggi, V. Ambardar, N.S. Maharda, R.P. Walia and S.K Jain   967

Nutritional status of rural non-pregnant non-lactating women in reproductive age - M. Srivastava, D.K Agarwal, A. Agarwal, S. Agarwal and K.N. Agarwal   975


Rising cost of vaccinations-The scenario and possible solutions - Mukul Tiwari   985

Comments - T. Jacob John    986

Personal Practice

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in school aged children: Approach and principles of management - Pratiblta Singhi and Prahbhjot Malhi    989

Brief Reports

Non-invasive blood pressure measurement in neonates using pulse oximetry and sphygmomanometry - KP. Sanghvi and Peter Steer     1001

Mid arm circumference as an index of protein energy malnutrition between 6 to 12 months age -J.N. Sharma and P. Bora      1005

Assessment of iodine deficiency disorders in district Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh - KS. Sohal, T.D. Sharma, Umesh Kapil and Monica Tandon     1008

Case Reports

Naegleria meningitis - S.N. Singh, AK Patwari, R. Dutta, Nee/am Taneja and V.K Anand    1012

Spinal neuroblastoma masquerading as acute flaccid paralysis - Riyaz A and Vinayan KP.  1015

Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis (Sweet's syndrome) - P. V. Havaldar, Hemant Kumar, A.M. Koppad, Roopa Bellad and Kavita D. Mogale         1017

Aplasia cutis type-6 - Dhinagar S., Vishnu Bhat B., Verma S. and Balakrishnan     1021

Images in Clinical Practice

Craniopharyngeal parasitic twin - T.M. Anandakesavan    1027

Imperforate hymen with hydrocolpos - Anurag Krishna and N.K Arora   1028

Immunization Dialogue

Interval between immunization sessions - Yash Paul    1029 

Reply - T. Jacob John     1029

Letters to the Editor

Low birth weight prevalence and antenatal care practices in a rural area of Haryana - Arun Kumar Aggarwal and Rajesh Kumar     1031

Experience of pulse polio immunization amongst medical professionals - H.M. Swami and Vikas Bhatia     1032

Duodenal perforation in a neonate - Y.K Sarin, Sindu Jacob and W. Bhatti   1032

Selected Summaries      1035

Readers' Forum      1045



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