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Vol. 36, June 1999

Indian Pediatrics - June 1999, Vol. 36, Number 6




Complementary feeding of infants and young children - Kenneth H. Brown and Sangita Sharma 547

Original Articles

Lot quality assurance sampling for monitoring immunization coverage in Madras city -B.N. Murthy, S. Radhakrishna, S. Venkatasubramanian, V. Periannan, A. Lakshmi, Vasna Joshua and R. Sudha  555

Status of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in
hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy - Saroj Kumar Singh, Tarun Dua, Anita Tandon, Sudarshan Kumari, Gibanananda Ray and Sanjay Batra  561

Academy Matters

Update immunization policies, guidelines and recommendations  567

Personal Practice

Screening young children for delayed development Prahbhjot Malhi and Pratibha Singhi - 569

Brief Reports

Prevalence of malaria in East Delhi-A hospital based study - Sunil Gomber and Lalitha Kabilan  -  579

Immunogenicity of a low dose of indigenously developed recombinant hepatitis-B vaccine in neonates and infants -
M. Nagaraja Rao, Nayana Joshi and C.M. Habibullah - 581

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among psychiatric outpatients - M.S. Bhatia, S. Choudhary and Ajeet Sidana - 583

Umbilical cord fall in preterm and term newborns in vaginal and Caesarean deliveries -  Narinder Singh, Sudesh Sharma and Ravreet Singh - 588

Case Reports

Nebulised salbutamol: An antidote for
  β blockers - Praveen Arora, Virendra Kumar, N.K. Dubey and K. Mahesh - 591

Chronic granulomatous
disease - Manju Salaria, Surjit Singh, Lata Kumar, Usha Datta and Shobha Sehgal  594

Minimal change disease and Hodgkin's disease: A rare association - Ajay P. Sharma, Sanjeev Gulati and Rakesh Pandey 597

CHILD syndrome - Nandkishor S. Kabra and Rekha H. Udani 599

Images in Clinical Practice

Prune belly syndrome - A. Ramachandraiah 605

Immunization Dialogue 

How to avoid multiple injections? - Deepak Goel  607

Reply - T Jacob John  607

Intervals between different vaccines - Ramesh K. Agarwal  608

Reply - T Jacob John   608

Letters to the Editor

Hepatotoxicity of salicylate therapy in acute rheumatic fever - Harjit Singh and J. C. Chugh  611

Body mass index: An emerging age-independent anthropometric criteria - K.M. Adhikari - 612

Reply - P.S. Shetty 613

Spectrum of colonic polyps - Ujjal Poddar and B.R. Thapa 615

Reply - Pravin Rathi and Prabha Sawant 616

Lymphangiectasia of small intestine - Rajni Kaushik, Shayam L. Kaushik, Jaishree Sharma and B.B. Sharma - 617

Need for strengthening immunization services in villages - Seema Jain, H. Chopra. J. V. Singh, M. Bhatnagar and S.K. Garg - 619

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