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Vol. 38, February  2001

Indian Pediatrics - February 2001, Vol. 38, Number 2


  • Editorial

Beyond the millennium: What can be done to improve child health in South Asia? - Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta 127

  • Original Articles

Strategy for preventing vertical transmission of HIV: Bombay experience - Rashid H. Merchant, Kaizad Damania, I.S. Gilada, Roshni V. Bhagwat, Jyotsna S. Karkare, Jitendra S. Oswal, Sabiha R. Merchant, Sachin Changedia 132

Compensatory hyperparathyroidism following high fluoride ingestion - A clinico-biochemical correlation - Sunil Kumar Gupta, T.I. Khan, R.C. Gupta, A.B. Gupta, K.C. Gupta, Pradeep Jain and Alka Gupta  139

  • Technology Update

Mechanical ventilation in pediatric practice - V.N. Tripathi and Sameer Misra 147

  • Brief Reports

Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibodies in children with acute respiratory infection - Elizabeth Mathai, Padmavathy K., Thomas Cherian, Inbamalar U. and Sneha Varkki 157

Etiological factors of malnutrition among infants in two urban slums of Delhi - B. Aneja, P. Singh, M. Tandon, P. Pathak, C. Singh and U. Kapil 160

Neurological prognosis in term newborns with neonatal indirect hyperbilirubinemia - Y. Yilmaz, L. Karadeniz, F. Yildiz, S.Y. Degirmenci and A. Say 165

Evolution of otogenic brain abscess and management protocol - Daljit Singh, Vikas Gupta, A.K. Singh and S. Sinha 169

Perinatal outcome in pregnancy associated hypertension - J. Nadkarni, J. Bahl and P. Parekh 174

  • Case Reports 

Post-transfusion graft versus host disease - An under recognized entity - Babita Jindal, Anil Narang and Reena Das 179

Factor X deficiency and hemophilia A: Occurrence of two different coagulation defects in a family - Ramesh C. Parmar, S.B. Bavdekar, Devkumar R. Sahu and J.R. Kamat 183

Pleural empyema due to group B Salmonella in a child with diarrhea - Reba Kanungo, A. Kumar, S. Srinivasan and S. Badrinath 186

Thoracic epidural neurilemmoma: A rare cause of childhood paraparesis - Ramesh C. Parmar, S.B. Bavdekar, Devekumar R. Sahu, Daksha Prabhat and J.R. Kamat 189

Chromosomes 6/7 translocation t(6:7)(q15;32) presenting as multiple pterygium syndrome - Madhuri V., Bose A., Danda S., Shivakumar S., Kirubakaran C. and Seshadari M.S. 194

  • Images in Clinical Practice

Crouzon’s syndrome with hydrocephalus - A.K. Dubey and R.K. Gupta 200

  • Immunization Dialogue

Technical differences between vaccines : Convincing or confusing - Ashok Banga and Usha Banga 201

Reply - T. Jacob John 201

  • Letters to the Editor

Salmonella enteritidis meningitis in an infant - Nisha Gupta and Piyush Gupta 205

Childhood hemangiopericytoma - Alpana Prasad, R.K. Saran and Y.K. Sarin 206

Poisoning in children - N. Ganga and G. Rajarajeswari 208

Use of paraldehyde in neonates - D. Mishra and V.K. Gupta 209


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