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Vol. 38, April  2001

Indian Pediatrics - April 2001, Vol. 38, Number 4


  • Editorial

Birth attendants: One or two – T. Jacob John and Uday Bodhankar 327

  • Original Articles

Child rearing and positive deviance in the development of preschoolers: A micro analysis – M. Aruna, Shahnaz Vazir and P. Vidyasagar 332

Comparative efficiency of commercial and improvised spacer device in acute bronchial asthma – Jyoti Panicker, G. R. Sethi and Vineet Sehgal 340

  • Epidemiology

Hepatitis B in India: A review of disease epidemiology – R. Lodha, Y. Jain, K. Anand, S.K. Kabra and C.S. Pandav 349

  • Drug Therapy

Teicoplanin – Manju Salaria 372

  • Viewpoint

Research in office practice – Mukul Tiwari 376

  • Brief Reports

Simplified intraosseous needle – N.N. Kalappanavar, Nirmala Kesaree and C.R. Banapurmath 378

Impact of breastfeeding on weight gain and incidence of diarrhea among low birth weight infants of an urban slum of Calcutta – Dipika Sur, S.K. Mondal, D.N. Gupta, S. Ghosh, B. Manna and P.G. Sengupta 381

Clinical and neurodevelopmental profile of young children with autism – Pratibha Singhi and Prahbhjot Malhi 384

Epileptic encephalopathies of early childhood – Anju Seth, S. Aneja and V. Taluja 390

Dietary regimen for persistent diarrhea in infants under four months – S. Alam, S.A. Ahmed and S. Kumar 396

Antitubercular drug formulations for children – R. Ruchi, M.M.A. Faridi, K.N. Agarwal and Piyush Gupta 400

  • Case Reports

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a child presenting as nephromegaly and acute renal failure – Asit Mehta, K. Gulati, M. Jain and S. Gulati 407

Acquired lobar emphysema – An unusual cause of respiratory distress – Tiroumourogane Serane V., Harish Rao S.R. and B. Vishnu Bhatt 411

Ascariasis associated hemorrhagic pancreatitis – S.D. Bisht and U.K. Srivastav 414

Levamisole induced ataxia – A.K. Dubey, R.K. Gupta and R.K. Sharma 417

Castleman’s disease: An unusual presentation in cervical region – Ranka Satish, Rajput Ashish and Kantaria Chetan V. 419

  • Images in Clinical Practice

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome – Sunil Narain 425

Toxic epidermal necrolysis in a girl with leukemia reciving methotrexate – Huseyin Cakesen and Ahmet Faik Oner 426

  • Immunization Dialogue

Dose of varicella vaccine - Yash Paul 427

Reply - T. Jacob John 428

  • Letters to the Editor

Hepato-cerebral complications in ascariasis – Sonali S. Bapat and Ashok Menon Pulikot 431

Isolated menarche and multicystic ovaries in a 7½ year girl with hypothyroidism – Dinesh Dhanwal and Nikhil Tandon 432

Delivery room management of neonates born through meconium stained amniotic fluid – Daljit Singh and Sourabh Dutta 434

Reply – Pushpa Chaturvedi, Balraj Yadav and M.S. Bharambe 434

More details of spectrum of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – Nitin Gupta 435

Reply – Prahbhjot Malhi and Pratibha Singhi 437


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