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Vol. 37, October  2000

Indian Pediatrics - October 2000, Vol. 37, Number 10


  • Editorial

Education of physician on end of life care: Indian perspective - Sandeep Kumar Dey 1047

  • Original Articles

Growth in the first year in children following IAP policy on infant feeding - Radha Tripathy, Rabi Narayan Das, M.M. Das and A.C. Parija 1051

Changes in nutritional status and morbidity over time among pre-school children from slums in Pune, India - S. Rao, S.B. Joshi and R.S. Kelkar 1060

Factors associated with severe asthma - Vinod H. Ratageri, S.K. Kabra, S.N. Dwivedi and V. Seth 1073

Recurrent/persistent pneumonia - Rakesh Lodha and S.K. Kabra 1085

  • View Point

Developing health services for children - B.N.S. Walia 1093

  • Brief Reports

Role of cetirizine in treatment of eosinophilia - Tribhuvan Pal Yadav, Rajpal Singh, Rajbala Yadav, Minakshi Bhardwaj and L. Satyanarayana 1098

Renal insult in asphyxia neonatorum - Pammi V. Mohan and Pragnya M. Pai 1102

Evaluating Bacillus-Calmette-Guerin vaccination by tuberculin skin test response - A.P. Uyan, E. Baskin, E Büyükbese and A.S. Gökalp 1106

Endoscopic and histologic evaluation of reflux esophagitis - S.K. Dadhich, S.K. Yachha, A. Srivastava, S.S. Sikora and R. Pandey 1111

Breastfeeding in adopted babies - Bhavana B. Lakhkar 1114

  • Case Reports

Neuromyelitis optica with transient autonomic disturbances - Radhika H. Majumdar, Surekha Joshi, Sushma Malik, Sonali J. Tank and Bina Easow 1117

Myotonia congenita: Response to carbamazepine - Sheela S.R. 1122

Juvenile recurrent parotitis - Vivek Jain, N.B.S. Mani, Meenu Singh and Lata Kumar 1126

CHARGE association - need for choanostomy  - Nayana Prabha P.C., Jageer Hussain M., Vishnu Bhat B. and Gopala Krishnan S. 1129

Neonatal pharyngeal pseudo-diverticulum - Y.K. Sarin, D. Goel, N.B. Mathur and A. Maria 1134

Images in Clinical Practice

Cystic hygroma - Yogesh Kumar Sarin 1139

Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) - Manjusha Goel and Ravi Rathore 1140

  • Immunization Dialogue

Misguiding guidelines from IAP? - Alexander Mathew 1141

Reply - T. Jacob John 1144

Use of BCG vaccine - T.N. Chaturvedi 1146

Reply - T. Jacob John 1146

  • Letters to the Editor

Acute nitrobenzene poisoning - Gaurav Gupta, Banani Poddar, Manju Salaria and Veena Parmar 1147

Tuberculosis control without protection from BCG - Tuberculosis Research Center 1149

Reply - T. Jacob John 1151

Scorpion sting- B.R. Santhanakrishnan 1154

Reply  - S. Mahadevan 1155


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