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Vol. 38, March  2001

Indian Pediatrics - March 2001, Vol. 38, Number 3


  • Editorial

Currrent practices in transfusion medicine – Anupama Borker and R.P. Warrier 227

  • Presidential Address

XXXVIII National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics on February 8, 2001 at Patna – Y.C. Mathur 231

Pedicon 2002 – 235

The International Society of Tropical Pediatrics – 237

  • Original Articles

Clincial profile of HIV infection – R.H. Merchant, Jitendra S. Oswal, Roshini V. Bhagwat and Jyotsna Karkare 239

Biochemical assessment of iodine deficiency disorders in Baroda and Dang districts of Gujarat state – S.R. Brahmbhatt, R.A. Fearnley, R.M. Brahmbhatt, C.J. Eastman and S.C. Boyages 247

  • Personal Practice

Enteral nutrition for critically Ill patients – Manju Salaria and Sunit Singhi 256

  • Survey

The national family health survey: Childhood mortality in India – Siddarth Ramji 263

  • Brief Reports

Seropositivity rate for HIV infection in hospitalized children on selective screening – Mukesh Agrawal,G.V. Koppikar, Radha Ghildiyal, Mrinalini Chavarkar, Surekha M. Joshi and Keya R. Lahiri 267

Incidence of low birth weight in rural Ballabgarh, Haryana – S.K. Kapoor, G. Kumar, C.S. Pandav and K. Anand 271

Calf circumference as an alternative to birth weight for identification of low birth weight babies – G.C. Samal and A.K. Swain 275

Correlation of plasma color index with serum bilirubin in neonatal jaundice – Manjit Singh, M.K. Batish, Mohinder Singh, Kamaljit Singh, K.K. Locham and Rajinder Garg 278

Prevalence of rubella antibody in school going girls – Sangita Yadav, Vineeta Wadhwa and Anita Chakarvarti 280

  • Case Reports

Burkitts lymphoma developing in a child with hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome – A.V. Pherwani, M.M. Chandiwal, M.A. Bavdekar and A. Dasgupta 284

India’s first successful pediatric liver transplant – V.Poonacha, A. Sibal, A.S. Soin, M.R. Rajashekar and D.V. Rajakumari 287

Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease with congenital hepatic fibrosis and encephalocele – Surendra Kumar, Ramchandra V. Bhat and B.V. Bhatt 292

Mucormycosis of the neonatal gastrointestinal tract – Sridhar S., Atanu Kumar Jana, Susanna Thomas and Rekha Solomon 294

Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma – Daphin Fernandez, M.N. Muranjan, S.B. Bavdekar, Vishakha Kantharia and Asha Shenoy 297

  • Immunization Dialogue

Hepatitis B Vaccine and pregnancy – Yash Paul 301

Reply – T. Jacob John 301

Protection provided by Hepatitis B vaccine – Yash Paul 301

Reply – T. Jacob John 301

  • Images in Clinical Practice

Congenital lymhedema – Milind Kamble and N.C. Prajapati 304

Homozygous familial hypocholesterolemia – Yasar Cesur and Hόseyin Ηaksen 305

  • Letters to the Editor

Physical signs in children with pneumonia – Cristiana M.C. Nascimento-Carvalho 307

Recurrent abdominal pain – A reappraisal? – R.N. Srivastava 309

Reply – Bharat Balani and A.K. Patwari 309

Juvenile recurrent parotitis – Bhavneet Bharti and Veena R. Parmar 311


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