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Vol. 36, April 1999

Indian Pediatrics - April 1999, Vol. 36, Number 4




Liver transplantation in children - D.A. Kelly and Anupam Sibal  353

Original Articles

Need for liver transplantation in Indian children - P. Mehrotra and S.K. Yachha 356

Cellular and humoral factors in colostrum of HIV infected and uninfected lactating mothers - A.A. Monohar, M. Williamson, H.A. Kamat, G. V. Koppikar and R.H. Merchant 362

Academy Matters

Mission statement of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics  368

Personal Practice

Medical management of birth asphyxia - N. Sabrine, J. Singh and S.K. Sinha 369

Images in Clinical Practice

Papuloeruptive xanthomatosis associated with chronic cholestasis - Ramesh K. Agrawal, Balvir S. Tomar and Ram Gulati  377

Brief Reports

Early experiences with high frequency ventilation in neonates - K.K. Diwakar and Nalini Bhaskaranand  379

Correlation of tomographic liver density with serum ferritin levels in multiply-transfused children with thalassemia major - S.B. Bavdekar, Priti Ahuja and LK. Vaswani

Role of flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of tracheobronchial foreign bodies in children - Meenu Singh, KLN. Rao and Lata Kumar  386

Perinatal mortality in a teaching hospital - CH. Rasul, M.A. Hussain, A.H.M. Siddiquey and M,S. Rahman  389

Case Reports

Idiopathic primary pulmonary hemosiderosis - S.J. Rego, S.D. Subba Rao, Neela Pandit and Karuna Ramesh Kumar 393

Frontonasal dysplasia with corpus callosum lipoma - S.B. Grover, K.A. Charan and N. C. Saxena  398

Mondini dysplasia of the inner ear with CSF leak-A rare cause of recurrent meningitis - M.N. Muranjan, B.A. Bharucha, M. V. Kirtane and C. T. Deshmukh  401

Intracerebral hydatid cyst ina child with atrial septal defcct - Tufail Patankar, Niketa Chotai, Srinivasa Prasad, Sheena Chowdhry and Atul Goel  406

Immunization Dialogue

How to make sure that vaccines are properly refrigerated 409

Defrosting a refrigerator used to store vaccine   411

Letters to the Editor

A status report on polio eradication in India - T. Jacob John  413

Pediatrician as family planning counsellor - M.S. Jayalakshmi, P.K. Prabhakar and Kiran Ambwani   414

Deaths due to poisoning in children - N.K. Aggarwal, M.S. Bhatia and B.B.L. Agarwal  415

Serum control following replacement therapy in triple A syndrome - Ratna Puri and Jatinder S. Goraya  416

Reply - Shivananda and Premalatha R.  417

Healthy baby contests-beyond show, beyond objectivity towards health education
- ML Kulkarni and GL Mohan 417

Healthy baby contests - Lulu Mathews  418

Selected Summaries  420

Global Update   423

Pedscapes  425

Readers' Forum  431

Book Reviews  433

Clippings  434


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