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Vol. 35, November 1998

Indian Pediatrics - November 1998, Vol. 35, Number 11




The meconium aspiration syndrome: The saga continues - Thomas E. Wiswell and Mamta Fuloria  1059

Original Articles

Prostaglandin E1 in infants with congenital heart disease: Indian experience - Anita Saxena, M. Sharma, S.S. Kothari, R. Juneja, S.C.B. Reddy, R. Sharma, A. Bhan and P. Venugopal    1063

Pregnancy wastage in rural Varanasi: Relationship with maternal nutrition and sociodemographic characteristics - D.K. Agarwal, A. Agarwal, M. Singh, K. Satya, S. Agarwal and K.N. Agarwal 1071

Review Article

Surfactant replacement therapy - Victor Yu 1081


Medical profession and the pharmaceuticals: Indian scenario - Arun Kumar Manglik    1097

Medical profession and the pharmaceuticals - Parang N. Mehta    1097

Medical profession and the pharmaceuticals - R.N. Srivastava      1099

Reply - Sanwar Agrawal     

Brief Reports

Item analysis of published MCQs - Y.K. Sarin, Meenu Khurana, M.V. Natu, Abraham G. Thomas and Tejinder Singh    1103

Sexual behavior patterns and knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases in adolescent boys in urban slums of Lucknow, North India - Shally Awasthi and Vinod Kumar Pande   1105

Inbreeding effects on the incidence of congenital disorders and fetal growth and development at birth in North India - Badaruddoza, Mohd. Afzal and Manazir Ali    1110

Images in Clinical Practice

Kocher- Debre-Semielaigne syndrome - Newton Luiz   1115

Gastroschisis - H.K. Borah     1116

Case Reports

Clonidine overdose - B.S. Karnawat and B.R. Chowdhary     1119

Soft tissue swelling as sole presenting symptom in actue lymphatic leukemia - P. Kusumakumari, T. V. Ajithkumar and M. Krishnan Nair   1121

Lymphadenopathy in a child with Iridian kala-azar in Dharan, Nepal - Kuldeep Singh, Rupa Singh and S.C. Parija    1125

Hepatocellular carcinoma mimicking liver abscess - Gul Javid, B.A. Khan, Atlaf Shah and M.A. Khan    1126

Neonatal pericarditis - P. Vaideeswar, A.S. Shenoy, M.S. Desai and R.H. Udani   1129

Triple A syndrome - Shivananda, Premalatha R., Raheelaand Gayathri P.    1131

Immunization Dialogue

India's polio eradication efforts at cross roads - Sobhan Sarkar, Kaushik Banerjee and W. Gray Hlady     1136

Reply - T. Jacob John      1138

Letters to the Editor

Healthy child contests: Making them more objective - N.C. Prajapati       1142

Cardiac anomalies associated with extrahepatic portal venous obstruction - Anirudha M. Gopanpallikar, Pravin M. Rathi, Prabha Sawant, Rajiv Gupta, Sheetal D. Dhadphale and Viral N. Patrawala     1143

Ayurvedic drug aggravating seizures: The legal implications - Newton Luiz  1144

Selected Summaries      1146

Readers' Forum      1160




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