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Vol. 36, February 1999

Indian Pediatrics - February 1999, Vol. 36, Number 2




The challenge of multidrug resistant typhoid in childhood: Current status and prospects for the future - Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta        129

Original Articles

Randomized controlled trial of once vs twice daily gentamicin therapy in newborn - Rekha Solomon, Kurien Ani! Kurt/villa, Victoria Job, R. Selvakumar, L. Jeyaseelan, A.S. Kanagasabapathy and Atanu Kumar Jana       133

Follow-up study of survivors of severe protein energy malnutrition - C.R. Banapurmath, S.M. Prasad, Shobha Banapurmath and Nirmala Kesaree       139

Undernutrition and adolescent growth among rural Indian boys - A.N. Kanade, S.B. Joshi and S. Rao         145

Recommendations                 157

Reports                           167

Brief Reports

Predicting neuro-developmental outcome at 3 months of age in babies with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy by Vojta's neurokinesiological examination - S. Samatha and P.P. Maiya               171

Clinical and computerised tomography evaluation of term neonates with perinatal asphyxia - Chitra Ayyapan, P. Amutha Rajeswari and N. Edwin       174

Assessment of iodine deficiency in Ernakulam district, Kerala State - Umesh Kapil, Monica Tandon and Priyali Pathak         178

Prevalence of cryptosporidium associated diarrhea in a community - Gopal Nath, T.B. Singh and S.P. Singh           180

Images in Clinical Practice

Esophageal stricture - K. Venkateswarlu and G. Victoria    185

Primary thyrotoxicosis (Graves disease) - Dilip Kumar Paul and Madhurima Lahiri    186

Case Reports

Hereditary angioneuronic edema - Arun K Baranwal, Surjit Singh and Lata Kumar   187

Amebic abscess of both liver lobes: Simultaneous rupture into pleura and stomach - Yogender Singh, Ram Samujh , K. L. Narasimhan,  K. L. N. Rao, M. Jayashree and Surjit Singh 190

Idiopathic spontaneous rupture of bile duct - Shivananda, M. L. Siddaraju. Siddappa and Gayathri P.  192

Synovial sarcoma of the hand - M.M. Harjai, R.K Bal, R.M. Nagpal, I.P. Sadhotra and K.K. Maudar   194

Immunization Dialogue

Role of DPT or TT vaccines after injury or as prophylaxis     198

Need of rabies vaccine after a course of rabies vaccination         199

Letters to the Editor

Safety of Ghasa - Pramod Sharma, R.D. Gupta, Nilima Kshirsagar, K.K. Meena, Vivek Arora and Girish Sharma         201

The updates are for the audience - Ramesh Yelsangikar               202

Current status of iodine deficiency disorders control program - Hasmukh C. Shah    203

Reply - Umesh Kapil   205

Current status of iodine deficiency disorders control program - Ritu Pradhan   206

Reply - Umesh Kapil  207

Hypocalcemic effect of phototherapy - Jai Kishan 208

Reply - B.K Jain, Harmesh Singh, Daljit Singh and Narinderjit Singh 208

Foreign bodies in respiratory passages - Ramesh Yelsangikar     209

Reply - J.K. Lakhani   210

Global Update   212


Book Reviews  218

Clippings  219


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