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Vol. 35, December 1998

Indian Pediatrics - December 1998, Vol. 35, Number 12




Recent advances in research on zinc and child health in developing countries - W. Abdullah Brooks and George Fuchs  1173

Original Articles

Prevalence of anemia among urban school children of Punjab - M. Verma, J. Chhatwal and Gurmeet Kaur   1181

Transplacental transfer of measles antibody in Delhi - Jagvir Singh, Shashi Khare, Shashi Prabha, Rashmi Chandra, D.C. Jain, Rajesh Bhatia and Jotna Sokhey    1187


Symposium and workshop on zinc and health in South Asia - George J. Fuchs, Dilip Mahalanabis and David Alnvick   1193


Infectious diseases control in India: Confused priorities - Alexander Mathew      1195

Personal Practice

Vesicoureteric reflux and reflux nephropathy - Arvind Bagga and Pankaj Hari    1197

Brief Reports

Efficacy and safety of intravenous ketamine for sedation and analgesia during pediatric endoscopic procedures - Anju Aggarwal, Sanjeev Ganguly, V.K. Anand and A.K. Patwari  1211

The use of haloperidol and valproate in children with sydenham chorea  - M. V. Ronchezel, M.O. Hilario, L.H.A Forleo, C.A. Len, M.T. Terreri, L.C.P. Vila nova and D. Sole  1215

Genital injuries in sexually abused young girls - Kuldeep Jain, Abha Maheshwari and N. Agarwal  1218

Case Reports

Adenosine infusion in the management of a micropremi neonate with pulmonary hypertension -Sanjay Patole, Jacinta Lee and John Whitehall   1221

Hyperkalemic renal tubular acidosis - Snehal M. Shah, Manisha S. Bavdekar, M.R. Lokeshwar and B. V. Shah  1224

Neonatal cardiac rhabdomyoma - Alka Kalgutkar, Shobha Pandit, Vijayshri M. Pethe, J.A. Mondkar and Armida Fernandes   1228

Recurrent seizures due to pachygyria - Warren Rodrigues, Archana Kher, Surbhi Rathi, Keya Lahiri, Harsh Merchant  1230

Images in Clinical Practice

Klippel-Trenaunnay-Weber syndrome - Soma De, R.K. Jain and Gautam Ghosh   1235

Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome - Sutapa Ganguly, Sucharita Duta, SilIldeep Chakraborty and Jyotirmoy Ghosh  1237

Immunization Dialogue

Pulse and routine immunization against poliomyelitis - Y.S. Chavan   1239

AFP surveillance-Let it not be "Targetoma"- Ravi Goyal  1240

Letters to the Editor

Newer vaccines: Like Marie Antoinette said, "let the poor eat cake" - Jacob M. Puliyel   1245

Reply - T. Jacob John   1246

Newer vaccines-to vaccinate or not? - R.N. Srivastava   1249

Weight gain during pregnancy-A key factor in perinatal and infant mortality - Ritu Pradhan   1250

Reply - K.N. Agarwal   1251

Hemolytic disease of the newborn due to maternal antikidd (anti-Jkb) - V. Tomar, N. Dhingra, N. Madan, M.M.A. Faridi  1251 

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Readers' Forum   1263




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