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Vol. 44, January 1997

Indian Pediatrics - January 1997, Vol. 34, Number 1




The fetal origins of coronary heart disease and non-insulin dependent diabetes in India - C.H.D. Fall and D.J.P. Barker    5
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Original Articles

Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine in India: Need and timing, immunogenecity and tolerance - Debyani K. Acharya, Sheila A. Bhave, Vaishali S. Joshi, Ashish Bavdekar and Anand Pandit      9
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Platelet aggregation and lipid profile in offsprings of young ischemics - Anita Khalil, Dhirendra Kumar and
Mallika Venkatesan   
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Exchange transfusion in septic neonates with sc1erema: effect on immunoglobulin and complement levels S. Sadana, N.B. Mathur and A. Thakur        20
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Personal Practice
Approach to the management of a child with epilepsy - Pratibha D. Singhi and Sudeshna Mitra            26
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National Programmes

A paradigm shift-A new approach to the national family welfare programme - Shanti Ghosh      41
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Brief Reports
Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis - Cherian Thomas and Lalitha Krishnan              47
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An outbreak of poliomyelitis in Jordan: Clinical and epidemiologic observations
- Azhar Sulaiman Daoud,
Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, Abdel-Kareem AI-Qudah, Najwar Khuri-Bulos and Hatem El-Shanti         51

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Hemiplegia - T.S. Raghu Raman, K.K. Surendran, R.K. Gupta, A.K. Gupta, Ravichander and S.L. Sood      55
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Case Reports


Autoimmune neonatal thrombocytopenia successfully managed with intravenous immunoglobulins - Ajay Kumar, Vikas Loiwal and Piyush Gupta                63
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CMV mononucleosis complicated by meningoencephalitis in a normal host V.K Sahu, F. Nabi, R Kallianpur and R.P. Khubchandani             65
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Homocystinuria with early thromboembolic episodes and rapid response to high dose pyridoxine - M. Ray, Lata Kumar and R Prasad      67
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Letters to the Editor
Assessment of nutrition status of adolescents - S. Aneja        70
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Xerophthalmia prevalence in ICDS area in Tamil Nadu - N. Ganga    71
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Splenic infarct in falciparum malaria - A.K. Sur, N. Khawash, P. Khawash Mitra, K. Ghosh and D. Sinharoy    72
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Selected Summaries            73
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Images in  Clinical Practice            79
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Readers' Forum              83
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