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book review

Indian Pediatr 2012;49: 773

Book Review


Principles of Assessment in Medical Education

Tejinder Singh and Anshu

Jaypee Brothers; New Delhi: 2012

Pages: 266, Price: Rs. 295/-.


Of the many activities that medical teachers are entrusted, nothing is perhaps more important and impactful than assessment. This book covers a broad range of topics from basic principles to more hands-on practical topics. The book is divided into 23 chapters, which are organized in a logical seamless manner. Most chapters contain adequate and easy-to-understand examples. References are appropriate and there is a very exhaustive compilation of online resources on assessment.

This is a book written by medical teachers for medical teachers. It brings contextual relevance, merges theories with practical advices, and keeps the message simple. The writing is lucid with optimum take-home messages. This book is useful to anyone who is involved in assessment in medical education. The book should be an essential reading for faculty development in medical education.

Zubair Amin,

Associate Professor,
Department of Pediatrics, National University of Singapore,
Consultant, Dept of Neonatology,
National University Hospital,
Email: paeza@nus.edu.sg


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