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Indian Pediatrics 2004; 41:1082


Childhood Obesity

American Obesity Association - http://www.obesity.org/subs/childhood/  This website provides patient information on childhood obesity. The website contains information on causes, identification and prevention of childhood obesity, conferences and latest research on the subject.

Mayo Clinic website on childhood obesity - http://www.mayoclinic.com/invoke.cfm?id =FL00058  The Mayo clinic parenting advice on childhood obesity provides concise and easy to understand advice for parents. The website contains a children’s growth chart, ‘six strategies to lose weight’, communicating with children on obesity related issues and information on ‘raising an active child’.

Preventing Childhood Obesity - http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/nutrition/a/childhd_obesity.htm The About.com, a popular web portal, gives out abridged recommendations from the AAP policy statement on child obesity. The website also contains a BMI calculator, BMI tables and advice on healthy eating.

Kidsource online - www.kidsource.com  This is another popular source on childhood obesity. The information provided is from ERIC, the clearing house on teaching and teacher education. In addition to information on obesity, the website also contains information on the role of beverages on child nutrition.

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