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Letters to the Editor

Indian Pediatrics 2002; 39:985-986


While appreciating Dr. Lulu Mathews views on various issues she has raised and gave few suggestions to conduct a good CME programme, we would like to put across IAP’s views and our experience for the past 20 years.(1)

1. Starting CME for 3 hours in the morning until lunch time having 20 minutes talk and 10 minute discussion, might help for better attendance.

The observed trend is, some delegates will disappear after coffee break, some more after lunch and many after high tea. Unless strict specific learning hours per year are needed to renew the registration like in U.S.A. where the delegates have to sign the register for morning and after lunch sessions it is not possible to enforce attendance.

The question is do we need authority or democracy in learning? The one who wants to learn always will be there. It is the organisers prerogative either to have half a day or full day CME’s.

2. Limit the inauguration for 10 minutes.

It is our custom and tradition to light the lamp on the inaugural day and it is the most important ceremony to highlight the activities of the organisation. The lAP approves the same in the guidelines. We definitely agree that the allotted time for inauguration should be adhered to and minimise the dignitaries on the dais and instruct them about the time allotted for each individual.

3. Feed back should be given to the speakers. We agree with Dr. Lulu totally. This definitely helps the speaker in future.

4. Providing working lunch to reduce the expenses. We generally provide breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner even though registration fee is only for attending the scientific programme and material provided. In most of the international conference organisers won’t provide any of these perks. You have to pay for it. However a good conference is assessed with good food along with topics.

If we change the attitude of our colleagues it is a wonderful idea.

5. Giving gift to speakers: Better to give something useful for academic purpose or domestic usage:

It is the choice of the organisers. Most of the academicians already have their paraphernalia. Domestic items do not last long. Many people feel something to remember a momento with conference theme, date, place will add more to showcase and is long lasting. It is the expression of gratitude by the organisers.

6. Speakers should be given money to cover the expenses (preferably 2nd Class AC fare).

I agree with Dr. Lulu Mathews that invited speakers should be provided with travel expenses. The organisers based on the financial resources should inform the speakers before hand.

I like to reiterate the guidelines of the IAP by which we accept that "All IAP faculty speakers and chairpersons have to register for the conference and also bear their own expenses. For Non IAP faculty the organising committee should bear the expenses."

H. Paramesh ,

Managing Director &

Pediatric Pulmonologist

Lakeside Medical Center and Hospital

33/4, Meanee Avenue Road,

Near Ulsoor lake, Bangalore.




1. Kamath SS, Swati Y Bhave, GS Hathi, Nitin K Shah. IAP guidelines on conference organisation. Indian Academy of Pediatrics 2000.


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