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Vol. 29, October 1992

Indian Pediatrics - October 1992, Vol. 29, Number 10



Assessment of child growth-some basic issues - C. Gopalan                      1195
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Original Articles

Physical and sexual growth of affluent Indian children from 5 to 18 years of age D.K. Agarwal, K.N. Agarwal, S.K. Upadhyay, R. Mittal, R. Prakash and S. Rai                       1203
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Bacteremia and bacterial infections in highly febrile children without apparent focus - S. Singhi, V. Kohli and A. Ayyagiri                                                                     1285
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Pediatric Surgery

Appendicitis in the newborns - A.K. Sharma, A.K. Shukla, L.D. Agarwal, A. Gupta, C.S. Sharma and S.C. Sharma              1293
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Congenital cleft foot (Lobster claw): An unusual association with ano-rectal malformation - A.K. Sharma and Y.K. Sarin                                                                                      1295
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Brief Reports

Poland syndrome with dextrocardia
- A. Lodha, P. Mody, S. Singh and S. Kumari    1301
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Celiac disease in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
- R.P.S. Bajwa, V. Kohli and R.K. Marwaha                1302
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Lethal multiple pterygeum syndrome - P. Lakshminarayana, T. Jegatheesan and P. Venkataraman     1305
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Myositis ossificans progressiva - U.J. Modi, S.A. Bharani and H.P. Dalal            1309
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Letters to the Editor

Improvised warm rooms for newborn care
- A.D. Rathod and S.R. Daga               1315
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Red Man syndorme
- M. Gupta, J.P. Soni and C.K. Singhal                   1315
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Continuing Medical Education

Cardiovascular complications of enteric fever
- S. Singh and S. Singhi   1319
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Zinc and magnesium in pediatric practice - B. Sharda  1325
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