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Indian Pediatr 2009;46: 1025


Vijay Yewale and Panna Choudhury

IAP Committee on Immunization 2009-10.
Email: vnyewale@gmail.com 

Multidose preparations have definite place especially in the public sector of resource contrained countries like India. They save cost, space, and make economic sense. Extra amount in a given multidose vial is to cover for any losses incurred during preparing a dose form the multidose vial. This cannot be used as an additional dose, unless the addition amount makes one full dose in terms of quantity.

However, this should not be promoted by the manufacturers as an additional benefit to the vaccinator/doctor. The onus does not entirely lay with the company alone, but the practitioner is also equally responsible for indulging in such unethical practices. This sort of malpractice should not be a valid reason to justify discontinuation of preparation and marketing of multi-dose vials. This should at best be viewed as merely a cheap marketing gimmick. If a company is found indulging in such unethical practices to promote sales of their multi-dose preparations, the same must be brought in the knowledge of IAPCOI immediately, so that a befitting letter can be written to the erring company.


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