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Indian Pediatr 2009;46: 1024

Multidose Vaccine Vials

Ghanshyam Misra,
Secretary, IAP Allahabad, UP.
Email: Ghanshyam69@gmail.com 

Do we really need multi dose vaccine vials in Indian scenario? Just today, I came across one very big house, having major share in combination vaccines, offering 2.5 mL vaccine for Rs. 275 per dose, with a tag - if you use it properly, you will get one additional dose from the same vial, as we get additional 0.3 mL for you. Its only 0.3 mL, how can that make an additional dose? These sorts of offer encourage malpractice, less than optimal dose to the patients, leading to inadequate protection.

Isn’t this the right time for our immunization committee to take a stand regarding use of multiple dose because the common practice remains the same. Even if you are getting the vaccine at lower rate, patients have to pay the price of single dose only; so where comes the question of helping the masses?


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