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Indian Pediatrics 2003; 40:1022


Neonatal medicine - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney -http://www.cs.nsw.gov.au/rpa/neonatal/default1.htm This website contains a large collection of protocols for management of neonatal disorders. This site also contains sections on clinical aids, emergency drugs, procedures and links to neonatology resources. This website permits free access to all its contents.

Celiac Disease Foundation - www.celiac. org The website of the celiac disease foundation of USA contains patient informa tion about celiac disease, disease screening, recent advances, a news letter, bulletin board and links to celiac disease support groups.

Friends of Celiac Disease - http://www. friendsofceliac.com/ This is another support group based in USA for patients with celiac disease.

This website has features similar to the one listed above. In addition, this website has sections on patient experiences with the disease research on celiac disease.

Guide to Celiac Disease - http://www. naspgn.org/sub/celiac_disease.asp This on-line guide for patients is from the North American Society for Pediatric Gastro-enterology and Nutrition. A detailed des-cription of celiac disease including history of the disease, clinical features, treatment, long-term problems, gluten-free diet, links to support-groups and books on celiac disease are listed in this website.

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