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book review

Indian Pediatr 2014;51: 422

Book Reviews


Hand Book of Neonatology

Ranjan Kumar Pejaver, Anjali Kulkarni, Naveen Bajaj, Ashish Jain and Paresh Soni

Arrow Medical Information Services; Bangalore:

Pages: 403; Price: Rs. 390/-. 


Eminent neonatologists of the Neonatology Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) have brought forth a long desired first edition of this handbook. It is light weight and portable for easy use of residents and practitioners. Although about 50 authors have contributed to that many chapters, the editors have taken care to maintain uniformity in the format and style. The book has seven sections starting with General neonatology that deals with resuscitation, admission criteria and thermoregulation. Neonatal transport, procedures and surgical emergencies have been prominently put in initial pages unlike most neonatology handbooks. Algorithms and tables are optimally dotting each topic but there is lack of images, sketches, and clinical or radiological photographs. Section on metabolism, nutrition and fluid balance is missing; these have been clubbed with hematology. Most authors have done effort in collating latest evidence-based recommendations. I recommend this book to all practising pediatricians, neonatologists and exam-going residents.

Surender Singh Bisht
Department of Pediatrics,
SDN Hospital, Delhi, India.
Email: drbisht02@gmail.com

Case Scenarios

A Parthasarathy,

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.

Pages: 947; Price: Rs. 1395/-.

This treatise is yet another exemplary contribution to the academic field of pediatrics. More than 75 eminent clinicians have shared their immense wealth of clinical experiences in the format of case-scenarios, spanned over 28 sections. Each case scenario ends up in ‘learning points’ which remain the USP of this volume. Type setting and production is excellent with pleasing double color scheme. At times, the single column format does not appear reader friendly. Indexing is a universal sore point in most books by the same publisher so the authors cannot be blamed for it. Overall, the book is a value addition to the armamentarium of practising pediatricians.

Piyush Gupta
Department of Pediatrics
University College of Medical Sciences,
Delhi 110 095, India.
Email: prof.piyush.gupta@gmail.com


A Manual of Essential Pediatrics, 2nd Edition

Meharban Singh

Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers: NOIDA (UP):

Pages: 622, Price: Not mentioned 

This book authored by an eminent and experienced teacher in Pediatrics is effectively targeted at medical students. The author has rightly preferred to name it a manual instead of a book as it provides information as well as instructions to handle emergencies, prepares the students to learn common pediatric procedures, and introduces them to skills required to provide supportive care. Practical tips and emphasis on important points add value to the well-structured text. Commonly asked questions that follow some of the chapters, a unique format introduced in this book, is commendable. Reference to Community Pediatrics, including National health programs, familiarizes the students to much desired perspective of pediatric care beyond the hospitals. Chapters on Introduction to Pediatrics, Feeding and Nutrition, and neonatal care are exceptionally good. This book provides a wealth of scientific information related to child care in a simple and succinct manner. It is commendable that all chapters have been written with the same brevity and clarity. This book is definitely going to be popular amongst medical students, pediatricians and family physicians.

AK Patwari
Department of Pediatrics
Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences
and Research New Delhi, India.
Email: akpatwari@gmail.com


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