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Indian Pediatr 2015;52: 257

Listen to Mother First

Himmatrao S Bawaskar

Bawaskar Hospital and Clinical Research Center, Mahad, Raigad, Maharashtra, India.
Email: himatbawaskar@rediffmail.com 


My daughter in law delivered a 3.5 kg baby with caesarean section. On third day, the baby was taken for immunization to a private pediatric nursing home where two pediatricians combine have a practice; each one attends the outpatient department on alternate days. The baby was given BCG, oral polio and hepatitis B vaccinations. The parents were advised to bring the baby on fifth day for re-examination. On 5th day, attending pediatrician did not read the immunization notes of his colleague. Inspite of telling that primary immunization was over on first visit, he turned deaf ears to motherís remarks and repeated all three vaccines. He tried to satisfy to worried mother by sham confidence that nothing will happen. He further remarked that all children who received initial vaccinations at government hospital are re-vaccinated within one week interval at their nursing home.

What will be the antibody response in such children due to immune insult caused by repeat vaccination within one week? What should be the advice to mother regarding immunization schedule in this situation?


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