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Letters to the Editor

Indian Pediatrics 1999; 36:324

Nimesulide Toxicity

This is with reference to the recent study(1) on a comparative evaluation of nimesulide and paracetamol as antipyretics. One side-effect of Nimesulide noted by me (which was not reported in this study) is hematuria. I have seen 3 cases of gross hematuria in febrile children treated with nimesulide alone (1.5 mg/kg/dose 8 hourly). All routine investigations and renal parameters were within normal limits, and hematuria disappeared within 24 to 48 hours on stopping nimesulide. All of them were normal on follow up after six months. It is known that nimesulide shares the toxic renal effects of other NSAIDs(2).

Another side-effect noted was periorbital oedema. Six children had this problem and it was mainly on the lower eyelids. It appeared within 12-24 hours of giving the drug. No other drugs were given and all renal para­meters were normal in all children. The symptoms disappeared within 24 hours once the drug was discontinued. A similar finding has been reported earlier(3).

                                              T.M. Anandakesavan,
                                        Consultant Pediatrician,

                                                         IVGM Hospital,

Thrissur 680 307,
Kerala, India.


1. Goyal PK, Chandra J, Unnikrishnan G, Kumar S, Passah M. Double-blind randomized comparative evaluation of Nimesulide and Paracetamol as antipyretics. Indian Pediatr 1998; 35: 519-522.

2. Steinhauslin F, Munafo A, Buchn T, Macciochi A, Biollazl Renal effects of Nimesulide in Furosemide treated patients. Drugs 1993,46 (Supple 1): 257-262.

3. Nagabushana S. Nimesulide therapy. lAP J Pract Pediatr 1997; 5: 364.


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