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Book Review

Indian Pediatrics 2001; 38: 691  

Book Review


Fundamentals of Pediatrics. K.E. Elizabeth. Paras Publishing, Hyderabad. First edition, Revised reprint 2001, Pages 521, Price Rs. 225.

Advances in the field of Pediatrics have witnessed an explosion in both knowledge and technology that has resulted in creation and development of super and sub specialities within the subject. In this era, it is indeed commendable on the part of the author to prepare a beginnersí text in Pediatrics single handedly and that too, without compromising on content and quality.

The book, spread over twenty-three chapters, vividly captures the intricacies of Pediatrics right from history-taking to the complexities of systemic pediatrics including the preventive, promotive, and curative aspects. Almost all important topics have been covered in a concise and informative manner. A separate chapter has been devoted to Community Pediatrics giving an account of all the National Child Health Programs, rights of normal as well as disabled children, indicators of child health, etc.

Though this reprint is dated 2001, yet the recent guidelines on neonatal resuscitation have not been incorporated in the text. The figures on infant mortality rates and other indicators of child health also date back to 1996. It is hoped that the future reprints shall be updated with latest information and vital statistics. Strangely, there are no photographs or pictures! Number of figures and flowcharts also need to be increased for better under-standing. A little more careful proof reading will definitely help remove the existing typographical and format erros.

The quality of production is good. The format is reader friendly and the language is simple. The volume is competitively priced and is just the right size. The book may serve a useful purpose for an examination candidate but does not evaluate the things critically. The intention of the author is however clear and laudable, i.e., to provide a simple text in Pediatrics, keeping in mind the undergraduate pediatrics syllabus. Perhaps thatís why the manuscript has been appended with a section reproducing the 1997 undergraduate curri-culum of Pediatrics in India. Overall, this is a signficant addition to the Indian literature on Pediatrics. The book is recommended for undergraduate medical students aspiring to obtain the basic knowledge in Pediatrics.

Piyush Gupta,
Reader in Pediatrics,
University College of Medical Sciences
and GTB Hospital,
Delhi 110 095, India
E-mail: drpiyush@satyam.net.in


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