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Indian Pediatrics 2001; 38: 689-690  



Bangalore City Branch, IAP - www.bciapon line.com. This is the website of Bangalore City Branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. It contains, in addition to the usual details about the branch activities, an online version of their newsletter - the Pediscan, with interesting cases and topics of clinical interest.

Prenatal and Neonatal Medicine -www.parth pub.com/pan/home.html This is the website of the Journal from Parthenon publishers. The Journal is published six times in a year and the table of contents is available free. This is the official journal of the European Aassociation of Perinatal Medicine and the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies. Back issues for the year 2000 are available online.

Evidence Based Medicine from University of Washington - http://depts.washington. edu/pedebm/ The pediatric evidence based medicine site contains critically apprised summaries on various controversial clinical issues in Pediatrics. The clinical topics are arranged system wise with a brief one-page summary. This site is from the University of Washington.

Neonatal Journal Abstracts - www.acenet.com.au/~callande/ An Australian pediatrician has made possible this collection of abstracts from latest journals on neonatalogy. This is updated monthly and back issues are available. This site does away with the trouble of searching through various journals for neonatology topics. The files are in zip format for easy download.

Pathology Atlas from University of Illinois -www.med.uiuc.edu/PathAtlasf/titlepage.html The pathology abstracts from University of Illinois. The collection of images with accompanying description is classified system wise and appears as thumbnail (small size). An expanded version can be obtained by clicking on the image.

Medical Calculators - http://calc.med.edu/ This site contains various online clinical calculators for calculating doses, analyzing acid base data, and evaluating clinical scores. The clinical score section is exhaustive and has been arranged alphabetically. Various scores including Glasgow coma scale, APGAR score, etc. have been included. On entering the data, the correct score with the prognostic significance is displayed. In addition a section on decision trees helps in arriving at clinical decision. A quick converter module helps convert laboratory values from one unit to the other. A palm version for Palm PC is also available for download

ICONOCERF Clinical Cases - www.med. univ-rennes1.fr/cerf/ico_an/INDEXAN.HTM This is the multimedia site of French radio-logists and French Council of the teachers of radiology. A collection of over 3700 images in radiology, including X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan images and angiographic movie images are available in this site. The images are classified as per the standard medical subject headings (MESh) and also by author name.

C. Vidyashankar,
Military Hospital, Namkum,
Ranchi 834010, Jharkhand, India.
E-mail: vidyashankar@vsnl.com.


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