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Book Review

Indian Pediatrics 2007; 44:161

Basic Methods of Medical Research

Basic Methods of Medical Research. Dr. A Indrayan, AITBS Publishers, Delhi, India, First edition, 2006 (paperback); Pages 376, Price Rs.225.00.

Dr. Indrayan is an eminent professor of biostatistics and has authored several publications. This book comes at a time when medical research is becoming a necessity but medical professionals are hindered by the complexities of mathematics and statistics. This book provides a step by step approach to biomedical research. The book provides a comprehensive view of research methods from the stage of planning to its end-product, i.e., preparation of report, thesis, or a scientific paper for publication. The contents include chapters on sampling methods, data collection, epidemiological principles, evaluation of statistical significance, assessing relationships and clinical agreement. It has an excellent section on presentation of data, especially on the type of graphs and diagrams to be used.

The presentation style makes it easy to read. The font size makes reading easy, the language is interactive and the text is interspersed with boxed information and diagrams which takes away the monotony that one expects with books on statistics. Most importantly, there are several real life and educative examples which makes it easy for the reader to understand the concepts enshrined in the chapters of this book. A comprehensive glossary of terms used in medical research is presented at the end of the book. The book is divested of the mathematics associated with statistical methods, which should make it attractive to those initiating themselves into medical research.

The book is strongly recommended for postgraduate and doctoral student and medical professionals interested in embarking onto medical research.

Siddarth Ramji,
Professor & Head,
Department of Neonatology,
Maulana Azad Medical College,
New Delhi, India.

Target 5: A Guide to Vaccine Storage and Handling

Target 5: A Guide to Vaccine Storage and Handling: Editors: Bharadva Ketan, Vimal Jariwala and Sisodiya Kirit. Pages 39. Price Rs.60/-For details contact: Dr. Ketan Bharadva, Masoom Children's Hospital, Mayuri Apartment, Near Water Tank, Sardar Bridge Circle, Adajan Main Road, Surat 395 009, Gujarat, India. Tel.: 09374539305,E-mail:kgbharadva@hotmail.com

Cold Chain is very important to maintain vaccine potency. Pediatrician often faces problems of what to do with vaccines that could be potentially damaged due to prolonged power failure. The situation is not uncommon in many peripheral areas and during disaster situations. There are specific guidelines set for the manufacturers, transporters and stockiest. This book is prepared to particularly address the needs of the doctors as end users for their rational practice. The book is illustrated with simple clues and have a Forward by Dr. Y.K. Amdekar, Expert Comments by Dr. T. Jacob John and Message from Dr. Nitin Shah.

Panna Choudhury,
Consultant Pediatrician,
Lok Nayak Hospital,
New Delhi 110 002,
E-mail: pannachoudhury@gmail.com


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