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Indian Pediatrics 2007; 44:156


More Free Software for handheld computers! (Personal Digital Assistants or equivalents). All the software is to be downloaded to the handheld computers using the respective programs provided with the computers. ABase - http://www.medgen.unizh.ch/abase/

Abase consists of interactive charts for use in pediatrics and clinical genetics. On entering the anthropometric measurements, the percentiles are calculated and entered and displayed on digital growth charts. BiliTool - www.bilitool.org

This is a freeware that assists in assessing the risk for developing severe jaundice and the need for phototherapy/exchange transfusion using the latest AAP guidelines. The software uses an "hour-specific", rather than a day -specific nomogram for risk assessment. ABG Pro. http://www.stacworks.com/

This freeware makes blood gas analysis simple! On entering the values, the interpretation of the primary and compensatory abnormalities, anion gap, etc. are displayed.ICU Math -

A large collection of formulae and calculations for use in the ICU are performed easily using this freeware. Asthma treatment guidelines. http://hp2010.nhlbihin.net/as_palm.htm

The latest guidelines on diagnosis, treatment, medication dosages and patient education are available from this website.

For more free software please visit http://www.dcchildrens.com/pdas/software.aspx?utID=2

C. Vidyashankar,
Apollo Clinic,
Doha, Qatar.
E-mail: vidyashanakrc@hotmail.com


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