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Vol. 44, February 1997

Indian Pediatrics - February 1997, Vol. 34, Number 2




Baby friendly hospital initiative: The Kerala experience - Kurian Thomas        95
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Presidential Address


XXXIV National Conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, January 4,1997, Ahmedabad          98
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Original Articles

Effect of timing of cord clamping on the iron status of infants at 3 months - R.M. Geethanath, S. Ramji, S. Thirupuram and Y.N. Rao              103 
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Renal dysfunction detected by Beta-2 microglobinuria in sick neonates - K.P. Mehta, U.S. AU, L. Shankar, D. Tirthani and M. Ambadekar           107
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Areobic capacity and cardiopulmonary response to exercise in healthy South Indian children - Solllnya Swaminathan, V.K. Vijayan, P. Venkatesan and K. V. Kuppurao       112
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Drug Therapy

Nimesulide - K. Rajeshwari and A.P. Dubey     119
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Pediatric Surgery

Hirschsprung's disease - Subir K. Chatterjee        123
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Brief Reports

Usefulness of oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring in sick preterm neonates - G. Guruprasad, Parveen Kumar,
Anil Narang and O.N. Bhakoo          131
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Growth honnone in birth asphyxia - R.K. Kapoor, P.K. Misra, Ajay Kumar and C.G. Agarwal         133
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An explosive outbreak of poliomyelitis in an orphanage in Delhi: Risk factors for the unusually high attack
rates - Jagvir Singh, Shashi Khare, R.S. Sharma and T. Verghese             135
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Kawasaki disease
- S. Noel Narayanan, Krishnaveni and K. Sabarinathan           139
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Nosocomial Salmonella bareilly septicemia: A nursery
outbreak - Piyush Gupta,
Vibha Talwar, G. Revathi and Ashwani Kumar         144 
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Images in Clinical Practice     
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Case Reports

Zellweger's syndrome
- R.C. Shroff, A. Patil, R.H. Merchant, V.P. Udani, M.P. Colaco and S. Prabhu      149
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Central pontine myelinolysis in a nonnonatremic child
- Karuna Taneja, R.K. Sabharwal, Arvind Taneja and Mandira
Mukherjee     153
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Congenital microgastria
- Y.K. Sarin and Edwin Stephen        157
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Multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus in a to-year-old girl
- Sanjay Banerjee, Lata Kumar, Surjit

Singh and Nandita Kakkar            159
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Letters to the Editor

Parents opinion on pre-primary education
- N. Ganga                163
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Acute intennittent
porphyria - Harjit Singh          164
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Pulmonary blastoma
- R. Mohta, S.K. Kabra, Z. Niyazi Singh, S. John, Y. Jain, A. Gupta
and V. Seth     164
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Selected Summaries            166
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Readers' Forum             173
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