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Vol. 36, Aug 1999

Indian Pediatrics - August 1999, Vol. 36, Number 8




Is India ready for the integrated management of childhood
illness strategy? Anthony Costello 759

Original Articles

Evaluation of the WHO/UNICEF algorithm for integrated
management of childhood illness between the age of two 
months to five yearsFull Text  Dheeraj Shah and H.P.S. Sachdev 767

Cardiac function in hypothyroid children: Effect of
replacement therapy    -  Full Text  Rekha Bhupathi, S.S. Kothari, A.K. Gupta and P.S.N. Menon 779  

Academy Matters

Update on the recommendations of the Academy to other
agencies on immunization 785

Personal Practice

Genetic counseling in pediatric practice  Shubha R. Phadke  and Amita Pandey 789

Brief Reports

Nutrient intake and consumption of supplementary nutrition
by severely malnourished children in two ICDS projects in Rajasthan state
  Umesh Kapil, Monica Tandon, Priyali Pathak and Deepika Nayar 799

Experiences of neonatal care in a secondary level hospital Anuradha Bose, Shalini Sinha, Nidhi Choudhary, Kumudha  Aruldas, P.D. Moses and Abraham Joseph 802

Prolonged diarrhea in pre-school children: An endoscopic evaluation Vikram Datta, Dheeraj Ahalawat, V.K. Dixit and Sudhir Gupta 806

Nutritional status of adolescent school children in rural north India  K. Anand, S. Kant and S.K. Kapoor 810

Case Reports

Myoclonic epilepsy with red ragged fibres Vikram Datta, Peeyush Jain, M.M. Mendiratta, Medha Tatke, Sushila Dhaon and Anita Khalil 817

Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus syndrome with bilateral vertebral artery occlusion T.Y. Surve, M.N. Muranjan, C.T. Deshmukh, C.S. Warke and B.A. Bharucha 820

Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome  Shishir Bhatnagar, A.K. Patwari, Lalit, Shashi  Narayan and V.K. Anand 824

Multiple lentigines: A case with new associations  T.P. yadav, R.P. Singh and R.K. Gautam 827

Images in Clinical Practice

Klippel Feil syndrome R.L. Suman and Minal Savani 832

Dandy Walker malformation Shabnam Bhandari Grover, Ashutosh Pathak and N.C. Saxena 833

Immunization Dialogue

Immunization in cancer 836

Should a sick child be immunized 837

Letters to the Editor

Pulseoximetric pseudobradycardia in ventilated newborns with pneumothorax 

G. Karthikeyan and Anil Narang 841

Drug resistant infections: Solution lies in regulated antibiotic use K.M. Adhikari 842 Reply_Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta 843

Is it possible to achieve hundred per cent vaccination coverage for children below 5 years of age? B.B. Gupta and K.P. Khushwaha 844

Careless disposal of disposable needles: A less recognized risk factor for transmission of  blood borne diseases  Rekha Harish 845

Factors influencing nutritional status of children in Bihar R.J. Yadav and Padam Singh 846

Immature gastric teratoma in an infant Simmi K. Rattan and Rajiv Kulshreshtha 847

Selected Summaries 850

Global Update 852

Book Reviews 856

Multimedia Review 857

Clippings 858

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