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Indian Pediatr 2011;48: 652

Retracted Nipples – Innovative Solutions

RN Satpathy and NC Nanda

Ispat General Hospital, Rourkela, India.
Email: drsatpathy@rediff.com

The observation on a single case by the authors of the recent article, seems generally an unaccepted procedure though has been successful in the case [1]. The fundamentals of human research ethics are (a) respect for persons, (b) beneficence and (c) justice. Regardless of limitations, these principles must guide the behavior of all individuals in planning, conducting and sponsoring human research. Respect for persons recognizes the capacity and right of all individuals to make their own choice and decision. An important component of these principles is the need to provide special protection to vulnerable persons. Women might also be considered a vulnerable group. In some cultures, women must defer to men in the decision making process, making true voluntary consent difficult.

Although, in their communication, the authors have brought out a point stating "the natural relation between husband and wife should overcome any inhibitions for something which will go a long way for their baby", to practice this novel procedure for retracted nipple cure may not be possible for many situations and therefore cannot be fully adopted. It may be difficult for any clinician to describe and monitor the process in practice. Cultural inhibition could be another factor for the reproducibility of this procedure and may generate some wrong insistence and practices among men on women for the benefit of the baby for which some alternative, including existing proven practices should be tried.


1. Rathi S, Mandliya J. A novel approach to correct retracted nipples. Indian Pediatr. 2011;48: 245.


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