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Indian Pediatrics September 1965; Volume 2: Number 9

Editor: Sisir K. Bose

Table of Contents


Estimation of gene frequencies from mother-child combinations of ABO blood groups by the maximum likelihood method                                                 317
A.K. Roy Choudhury 

Observations on electrocardiographic changes in progressive                                          321
muscular dystrophy

Lala S.N. Prasad, K.P. Sinha and M. Rahman 

A field study of illnesses during pregnancy, their management and prenatal care in Punjab villages     330
John E. Gordon , Helen Gideon and John B. Wyon

Hereditary multiple exostoses (ecchondrosis ossificans): 17 cases in 7 generations                             336
N.L. Sharma, R.N. Singh and J.S. Anand 


Agenesis of lung                                          342
V.K. Gandhi, M.V. Dudhia and R.J. Shah

Polyarteritis nodosa: Report of a case                                     345
O.P. Thaman, Harbans Lal and S.S. Manchanda

INDIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS                                           351

CURRENT LITERATURE                                            353

NOTES AND NEWS                                   357


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