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Indian Pediatrics October 1964; Volume 1: Number 10

Editor: Sisir K. Bose

Table of Contents


Biaxial karyogram studies of human chromosomes in children                           381
J. Chatterjee, K.C. Das, S. Abdullah and Shila Rohatgi

Micro-sedimentation rate in children: A comparative study                                             386
H.L. Khanna and S.S. Manchanda

Etiology of upper respiratory infections in children: Effect of composite sulphonamides                 394
Sudha Chaudhari and B.D. Patel

N(2-Chlor 4 nitrophenyl)-5-chlorsalicylamide in taenia saginata infestations in children            400
P.M. Shah and V.G. Joshi      

Micrococcic gastro-enteritis                               405
S. Mukherji and P.K. Gadgil


Neuroblastoma of the adrenal gland: Report of two cases                                 409
Mukta G. Mutalik, V.R. Karnik and M.K. Kolhatkar

INDIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS                                                 414

CURRENT LITERATURE                                              416

NOTES AND NEWS                                   418

ANNOUNCEMENT AND NOTICES                                   420


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