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Indian Pediatrics November 1969; Volume 6: Number 11

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents


Occult Haemorrhagic Diathesis in Children with Congenital Heart Disease                   691

Vijaya Hooja, Shyamal K. Sanyal, Kailash N. Agarwal, Birendra Nath Dasgupta and Shanti Ghosh

Prevention of Hospital Infections in Neonates an Evaluation of No Bath Regimen    697
O.N. Bhakoo, J.C. Lall and K.C. Agarwal

Thermal Sensitivity and Reactions to Thermal Stimuli in Various Age Groups 701
J.R. Agrawal

Alterations in Acid Base Equilibrium in Children with Congestive Cardiac Failure                        714
Renuka Nigam, Shyamal Kumar Sanyal, Debobroto Sarkar and Shanti Ghosh

The use of Maturity Score in the Assessment of Gestational age of Newborn Babies with special reference to prematurity                                         720
A.S. Chikermane, G.R. Majumdar and A.P. Shah

Observation on the Newborn: A Study of 10.000 Consecutive Live Births                     729
Radha R. Aiyar and J.R. Agarwal


Phlebectasia of Jugular Veins                                                                                              743
Rajkumar and M.S. Madan


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