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Indian Pediatrics November 1968; Volume 5: Number 11

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents



Morbidity in children under Fourteen in South India                      485
Satya Gupta
, R.K. Puri, O.C. Indira and S.P. Datta

Symptomless Excretion of Salmonella Typhi in children:                                     498
A Report of Three Cases

K. Ramanand Kamath, Prema Bhat, and Roger A. Feldman

A Clinico-Pathological Study of Malnourished Infants and Children with                    504
special Reference to Renal Pathology: A study of Eighty Cases

R.S. Dayal, U.K. Luthra, K. Kalra and J.C. Lal

Herd Immunity in Diphtheria Among School Children                                   512
C.S. Bhaskaran and K.C. Bhuyan

Septicemia in Infants and Children: A Bacteriological Study                       518
O.N. Bhakoo, K.C. Aggarwal, C. Mohini Mahajanand B.N.S. Walia


Leinerís Disease                                                  524
K.C. Praharaj, H.C. Mohanty, R.S. Karand, K.D. Mohanta

Occipital Meningo-Encephalocele                               527
L.R. Pathak, and R.L. Gupta

Congenital Median Band of the Anus                                           530
S.P. Goel, A.K. Pendse and S.D. Dandia

Filariasis and Unconsciousness                                        532
Gopal Sharan and R.K. Anand


Prompt Publication of Articles                                535

ACADEMY NEWS                                                        537

LETTER TO THE EDITOR                            538

Hand-Schuller-Christian Disease                                   538
Shanti Ghosh


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