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Indian Pediatrics May 1969; Volume 6: Number 5

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents


Megaloblastic Anaemias in Infancy and Childhood                                                          255
N.J. Dalal, P.M. Udani and J.G. Parekh

Epidemiology of Diarrhoea in Infants and Pre-school Children in a Rural community near Delhi      263
O.P. Ghai, S.l. Kalra (Late) and V.N. Jaiswal

Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Childhood                                                                           272
Y.R. Reddy and Devender Reddy

Clinical Study of Mongols                                                                                                    278
J.B. Mehta and Brij Mohan Gupta

Tuberculous Meningitis in Children: A Clinico-Pathological Evaluation of 24 cases                    282
Piloo E. Bharucha, C.G.S. Iyer, E.P. Bharucha and D.H. Deshpande

A Follow up Study of Treated Cases of Tuberculous Meningitis                                     291
V.K. Agarwal and P. Kumar

Neurotic Disorders in Children                                                                                           296
V. Balagopal Raju, N. Sundaravalli, O. Somasundaran and G. Veeranaghavan

Hydatid Disease in children of Madurai                                                                             302
K.A. Krishnamurthy

Muscle Involvement in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                                          305
Indira Amla, J.V. Narayan, A. Paul Jayaraj, V. Srinivas Murthy and H.A.B. Parpia

Use of Dermatoglyphics in Paediatric Diagnosis                                                                313
G.S. Mutalik, M.V. Phadke, V.A. Lokhandwalla

Achondroplasia in the New Born: A Report of 4 Cases                                                    320
Kamala Bery and Santosh Chawla

Clinical Importance of the Cholinesterase’s Changed Level in Erythrocytes during Haemolytic Diseases of Children                                                                             325
Y.U.N. Zefirov, Y.U.R. Kovalev and O.F. Tarassov                                                              


Chronic Lead Poisoning: Recurrent Encephalopathy in a Child                                     329
Gertrude E. Joshua                                        

The Kocher-Debre-Semelaigne Syndrome: Hypothyroidism with Muscular                  338

K.R. Purohit and D. Rama Murthy

Pulmonary Agenesis                                      343
R.P. Bhasin and K.S. Mehdiratta                                                                               

Editorial                                                                 346

Academy News                                         348

Current Literature                                        349



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