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Indian Pediatrics May 1968; Volume 5: Number 5

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents



Fibrocystic Disease of Pancreas in India                                                                             185
S. Mehta, U.N. Wadhwa, S.K. Mehta and P.N.  Chhuttani

Sclerema Neonatorum : Clinical and Autopsy Report                                                      192
A. Gupta, A.M. Sur, R.V. Junnarkar, and (Mrs.) U. Nardas

Single Umbilical Artery: Its incidence and associated congenital malformations                202
Saroj Saigal and J.R. Srivastava

The results of Routine Screening for Phenylketonuria and galactosaemia in Mentally Retarded Children                                                                   209
Indira Amla, and B.D. Punekar

A Case for Menghini Needle                                                                                                218
Bhola N. Gupta, Dilip K. Sen and Lala S. Prasad

Enuresis A comparative study of Imipramine and tranquillisers in its Management                    222
V.N. Ingle, and Vinita Panase


Hereditary Methaemoglobinaemia : Case Report of Congenital Cyanosis                     226
in a Rajput Child

R.B. Jaiswal, M.K. Khandelwal and H.V. Tiwaskar

Acute Cerebellar Ataxia following Varicella                                                   230
B.K. Garg


Cystic Febrosis of the Pancreas                                             234

CURRENT LITERATURE                                                                     235



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