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Indian Pediatrics March 1969; Volume 6: Number 3

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents


Cardiac and Behavioral Effects of Scorpion Venom in Experimental Animals             95

Purshowtham Rao, G. , Premalatha, B.K., Venkatakrishna Bhatt, H. and Haranath, P.S.R.K.

Mass Measles Vaccination: Experience with Live Attenuated Virus Vaccine in and around Vellore    102
V. Benjamin, Malati Jadhav and Pauline O. Roberts

Fibrocystic Disease of Pancreas                                                                                           114
S. Mehta, Z. Ansari, U.N. Wadhwa and B.N.S. Walia

A Clinical Study of 100 Cases of Mentally Retarded Children Seen in a Clinic for the Mentally Retarded       118
B.K. Ramanujam and (Miss) Sybil Darid

Anal Achalasia: A Preliminary Report                132
Subhash J. Dalal

Psychogenic Abdominal Pain in Children                                                                          138
V. Pushpa, A. Venkoba Rao and K.A. Krishnamurthy

Poisoning in Children: A Study of 303 Cases                                                                     141
R.J.  Buhariwallaand Sanjanwalla

Study of Umbilical Cords                                                                                                     146
Kishori Shah, Girish Vani and A.B. Desai

Heredo-Familial Factors in Infantile Cirrhosis of Liver                                                    153
N.L. Sharma, D.K. Majumdar and V.K. Kapoor

Treatment of Septic Meningitis with Intravenous Chemotherapy                                   158
V.K. Gandhi

Evaluation of Treatment of Tuberculous Meningitis since the use of Steroid on  an Adjuvant           166
Saroj Kapur

Flotation Hydrocarbon Technique in Isolation of Tubercle Bacilli from Cerebro-spinal fluid in Tuberculous Meningitis        172
R.K. Thapar, P.R. Atal and R.S. Dayal

Avulsion of the Ligamentum Patellae from the Lower Pole of the Patella                      178
P. Tajeswar Rao

Letter to the Editor                                                                                                               183

Current Literature                                                                                                                184


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