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Indian Pediatrics July 1969; Volume 6: Number 7

Editor: N.G. Mojumdar

Table of Contents


Duodenal Ulcer in Childhood: A Clinical and Psychological Study      447

Meharban Singh and O. P. Ghai


Protein-bound Carbohydrates and Electrophoretogram of Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein              453

B.P. Chakravarti


Lactose Intolerance                                         457

(Mrs.) A.B. Desai, R.A. Gandhi and G.B. Vani


Staphylococcal Infections in the Newborn Infants                             463

C.M. Mahajan,  K. C. Agarwal, O. N. Bhakoo and B.N.S. Wallia


Phenothiazine Toxicity in Paediatric Practice with Three Case Reports                      470

P.C. Bajpai, V.K. Sethi, A. K. Pathak and T. K. Tripathi


Bacterial and Parasitic Findings in Diarrhoea in the Young: A Study of 500 Consecutive untreated cases in New Delhi                                                                                     476

Thomas Abraham, Surjeshwar Narain Saxena and Ranjit Sen


Tremors, Mental and Physical Retardation, Light Coloured Hairs and Anaemia in Malnourished Children 483
G. P. Mathur, R. S. Dayal, R. Prasad and Sarla Mathur


Dimethyloctadecylamine in Treatment in Intestinal Parasites in Children                  495

Kalyan Kumar Chatterjee



Hereditary Spherocytosis and Spleen                                      504

Lt. Col. R. N. Dutta, Lt. Col. A. R. Subramaniam, Lt. Col. Chopra, Major Y. R. Sachdev, Colonel R. Ganguli and Major M. Chakravarti


Current Literature                                510


Notes and News                                   513



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