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Indian Pediatrics July 1966; Volume 3: Number 7

Editor: Sisir K. Bose

Table of Contents



Amaurotic familial idiocy: Case reports of Tay-Sachs disease in two siblings and a review of twenty cases from the Indian literature                             241
Bansri Maniar and V.D. Arora

Arthritis in infancy and childhood: An analysis of 350 cases                               252
Onkar Saxena, (Mrs.) Shakuntala Saxena and Syed Ajmal Hussain


Cholecystitis with cholelithiasis in childhood: Report of two cases                       261
K.J. Indra, R. Rajor and P. Mukherjee

Peptic ulcer: Report of a case                              264
A.K. Dikshit and D. Anjaneylu

Brain abscess in cyanotic heart disease: Report of two cases                      267
P.N. Tandon, N.L. Sharma and P.C. Bajpai

Pediatric Editors’ Meeting – Tokyo November 1965: A Report                           272

Current Literature                                                 275

Notes and news                                277

Publications received                       279


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