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Indian Pediatrics August 1965; Volume 2: Number 8

Editor: Sisir K. Bose

Table of Contents


Needle biopsy study of hepatomegaly in childhood in Delhi area                         281
O.N. Bhakoo, B.N.S. Walia, P.N. Taneja, and V. Ramalingaswami               

Serum cations in acute respiratory infections in infancy and childhood             289
D.K. Shrivastava 

Association of breath-holding attacks with anaemia and their treatment           295
R.K. Chandra


Primary malignant tumour of pericardium: A case report Part I.                       298
Clinical aspects

K.K. Jain

Primary malignant tumour of pericardium: A case report Part II.                     302
Histopathological aspect

Agatha R. Crawford 

Stevens-Johnson syndrome associated with administration of a Combination of isonicotinic acid hydrazide and thiacetazone                              305
V.N. Ingle and Quasia Banoo 

Turnerís syndrome: Report of a case                           307
N.S. Nair and N.K. Kannankutti 

INDIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS                          310                                                                                     

CURRENT LITERATURE                                   311     

NOTES AND NEWS                                  314


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