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Vol. 36, November 1999

Indian Pediatrics - November 1999, Vol. 36, Number 11



Treatment of tachycardia in infants and   children__1091
Christopher Wren

Original Articles

Investigation of an epidemic of Rey's syndrom in northern reigon of India.1097
A. Aggarwal, S. Mitra, S. K. Garg, R. Kumar and B. Kumar

Fulminant hepatic failure: Etiology, viral markers and outcome 1107
Sachin A. Bendre, Ashish R. Bavdekar, Sheila A. Bhave, Anand N. Pandit, S.D. Chitambar and V.A. Arankalle

Multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial of therapy with intravenous immunoglobulin in decreasing mortality due to neonatal sepsis 1113
N. Karthik Nagesh, P.P. Maiya, Swarna Rekha Bhat and S.D. Subbo Rao   

Personal Practice

Carrier Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis of b-Thalassemia 1119
Manjula Maheshwari, Sadhna Arora, Madhulika Kabra and P.S.N. Menon

Essentials of Biostatistics

4. Numerical Methods to Summarize Data 1127
A. Indrayan and L. Satyanarayana

Brief Reports

Evaluation of Physiological and Behavioral Response to Pain Following Heel Prick With Different Techniques for Dextrostix Assessment in Healthy Preterm Neonates1135
Nandkishor S. Kabra and Rekha H. Udani

Prevalence and Persistence of Hepatitis A Antibody During the First Year of Life, in Turkish Infants 1142
Mujgan Alikasifoglu,Ahmet Arvas ,Yucel,Tastan ,Emel Tasdelen ,Fugen Cullu ,Ozdemir Ilter ,Selim Badur* and Derya Yuksel

Clinico-Biochemical Spectrum of Hypokalemia 1144
Sunil Gomber  and Viresh Mahajan

Factor Analysis of Acute Respiratory Infections Among Under Fives in Delhi Slums 1146
Ram Kishore Gupta,Anil Kumar ,Padam Singh

Case Reports

Acute Transverse Myelitis Due to Spinal Epidural Hematoma_First Manifestation of Severe Hemophilia 1151
M.N. Muranjan  and C.T. Deshmukh

Palatal Nerve Palsy and Cervical Adenopathy in a Probable Case with Cat Scratch Disease 1154
Munni Ray, R.K. Marwaha , Amita Trehan  and A.K. Banerjee

Congenital Sideroblastic Anemia 1158
Reena Das, Amita Trehan, Neelam,  Marwaha and R.K. Marwaha 

Pleural Effusion_A Rare Complication of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning1161
R.L. Suman  and Minal Savani

Atlanto-Axial Subluxation in JRA 1163
Sudeshna Mitra, Jyoti Sharma Veena R. Parmar

Immunization Dialogue

Sequencing of Vaccine Doses 1167
Sumit Kumar

How to Avoid Multiple Injections? 1168
Yash Paul

Images in Clinical Practice

Three nostril nose 1173
A. Ramachandraiah and A. Chakravarthi

Osteogenesis imperfecta tarda type IV 1173
Sanjeev Joshi

Reader's Forum

Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Pregnancy 1175
Kalpana Mishra

Concomitant steroid and albendazole for treating neurocysticercosis 1176
Sukhbir Kaur Shahid

Letters to the Editor

After RCH Program be Ready for IMCI Strategy 1177
Umesh Kapil

IMCI Strategy for India 1178
Shanti Ghose

Child and Maternal Health in Rural Areas of Chandigarh 1180
Shanti Ghose

Anterior Encephalocele Mimicking Choanal Atresia 1182
Ramesh Kumar, R.N. Mandal, Parveen Khapekar and Unnikrishnan G.

Tuberculous Meningitis Associated with Diabetic Ketoacidosis 1183 
Devaraj V. Raichur, Rajan V. Deshpande and Chandragowda D.K.

Global Update 1185

Book Review 1189

Clippings 1191



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