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Indian Pediatrics October 1990; Volume 27: Number 10

Editor: R.K. Puri

Table of Contents


Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome; the frequent relapse  - M. Phadke and S. Bhave          1035


BERA - A diagnostic tool in neonatology – N.K. Anand, A.K. Gupta and Hans Raj        1039


Low serum immunoglobulin G – a predictor of frequent relapses in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome    - A. Andal, H. Chellani, N.K. Anand and M. Chandra                       1045

Physical growth in school girls: relationship to socio-economic status and dietary intake – II – S.R. Qamra, S. Mehta and S.D. Deodhar                                               1051

A study of dietary cholesterol induced changes in serum lipid lipoproteins in healthy male children, adolescents and middle aged volunteers – R.C. Arora, R.K. Garg, N. Agarwal, S. Arora and N. Kumar  1067   

Breath holding spells: an analysis of 50 cases – M.S. Bhatia, P.K. Singhal, N.K. Dhar, V.R. Nigam, S.C. Malik and D.N. Mullick                   1073

Construction of growth reference standards for urban slum children in  developing countries – V. Seth, A. Rai, M. Gupta, O.P. Semwal, K.K. Patnai and K.R. Sundaram                 1081

Height and weight of ‘well-to-do’ school children in Haryana - S.K. Bhasin, S. Singh, U. Kapil, V.P. Sood and D.R. Gaur                          1089


Urinary concentrating capacity in patients with nephrotic syndrome                         1095
U. Date, R.V. Kaushik, U. Ali and K.P. Mehta

Hemolytic uremic syndrome – experience at Srinagar – G.H. Malik, I.A. Sirwal, K.A. Pandit, P.A. Kaul and M.S. Najar                              1098

Serum lipids in neonatal cord blood in families with essential hypertension             1101

Fever: maternal knowledge, attitude and treatment practices in a rural area - J.R.S. Lakhtakia, J. Dogra, H.C. Mathur and S.N. Mishra, S. Singhi and S. Singh            1103

Obstructive hydrocephalus – T.S. Raghu Raman and C.M. Verma                                   1106

Enterogenic cyst in mediastinum – D.V. Rammurty, B. Soans, Man Mohan, H.O. Gupta, V.N. Baijal and R. Kulshreshtha      1109

Hyperlipidemia with infantile hemiplegia – S.S. Sheth, S.C. Karande, K. Lahiri, M.K. Jain and M.D. Shah   1111

Management of recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula – K.L. Narasimhan,  K.L.N. Rao and S.K. Mitra       1114


Ethics Danlos Syndrome III – P. Nanda Kumar, A. Paul, P. Vineetha and  J.M. Puliyel                      1119

Lipodystrophy in association with unstable diabetes mellitus - V. Kohli, R. Ravi Shankar and Meenu Singh     1120

Cryptosporidiosis and associated hematuria – A.S. Doud, M. Zaki and G. Al Mutairi       1121

Sucking on the “emptied” breast – a better method of non-nutritive sucking Than the use of a pacifier -
I. Narayanan                 

Vaccine storage – N. Shendurnikar                                          1124

Diagnosis of beta thalassemia trait – M.B. Agarwal                                                      1124

Reply – B.R. Thapa, A. Sahni, B. Nagi, N.M. Gupta and S. Mehta                                        1125

Leprosy in childhood – J.A. Sundharam                                                     1126


Erythrocyte sedimentation rate: its use in pediatric practice – Om Prakash and Man Mohan          1133

Antibiotic therapy of acute bacterial meningitis – N. Shendurnikar and S. Aiyer                        1139

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                1031, 1032, 1071, 1087, 1145


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