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Indian Pediatrics November 1990; Volume 27: Number 11

Editor: R.K. Puri

Table of Contents


The girl child in India – P.N. Taneja                                                  1151


Female working children – S.R. Banerjee                                           1153


Identification of a child with short stature - P. Colaco and M. Desai                         1159

Comparative study of out-reach immunization strategies in rural area - R. Kumar, R.K. Khosla and V. Kumar                            1165

Age for measles immunization seroconversion after measles vaccination At 6-8 months of age – A randomized controlled trial – N. Deivananayagam, N. Ramamurthy, P.V. Krishnamurthy, V.J. Shankar, T.P. Ashok, K. Nedunchelian, N. Mala and S. Shaffi Ahmed             1171

ECG changes in asphysixa neonatorum – C.H. Gidvani, U. Raju, V. Chandar, B. Ghosh and C.G. Wilson   1177

Precipitation test – a rapid method for diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis - S.K. Gupta, S. Sanghi, U. Sharma, U. Acharya and S. Raman             1183

Non-nutritive suckling and use of pacifiers – G.P. Mathur, S. Mathur and G.S. Khanduja    1187

Kwashiorkor and marasmus: changing hospital incidence of syndromic Presentation (1957-88) – A.K. Bhattacharyya, P.S. Chattopadhyay, P.K. Roy Paladhi, S. Ganguli and N. Bhattacharyya                  1191


Rationale of insulin therapy in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in children - P.S.N. Menon and A. Virmani         1201


Growth hormone resistance – A.H. Zargar                                         1213

Ptosis as a presenting feature in tubercular meningitis – M. Singh, R. Ravi Shankar and S. Singhi        1214

Epidemiological study of measles in urban (slum) area of Jaipur  - N. Mangal, K. Shah and S. Sitaraman 1216

Read to health care: perceptions and skills of health personnel – S. Aneja, H. Kumar, V. Jain and A.K. Patwari                1218

Noonan’s syndrome with simple partial syndactyly of the fingers and bilateral Cubital webs – L. Undar, A. Gultekin, M.B. Yilmaz and I. Sezgin         1220

Prophylactic anticonvulsive therapy in endosulphan (pesticide) poisoning - P.V. Havaldar, V.D. Patil and B.M. Siddibhavi            1222


Drug resistant typhoid fever – an emerging problem – V.V. Khadilkar, R.P. Khubchandani, Y.K. Amdekar, K.P. Mehta and R.K. Anand                                          1227

A feasible strategy for health care package – U. Kapil                                1228

Reply – Shanti Ghosh                                        1228

Determination of gestational age of newborns –a comparative study -   Harmesh Singh        1229

Reply – V.A. Bhagwat                                           1230

Drug information: scientific versus commercial – G. Bajaj and S. Aneja                        1230


How dangerous are diagnostic X-rays in pediatric practice? – N.K. Anand  and A.K. Gupta                1235

NOTES AND NEWS                                            1158, 1169, 1176, 1186, 1198, 1209, 1224   


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