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Indian Pediatrics May 1990; Volume 27: Number 5

Editor: R.K. Puri

Table of Contents


Assessment of vitamin A status                                                             427
D.K. Agarwal and M.N. Singh


New dimensions in poliomyelitis                                                  433
H. Sehgal


Conjunctival impression cytology in children with persistent diarrhea As indicator of pre-clinical vitamin A deficiency                                                                     437
U. Natarajan, A. Shankaranarayanan, B.N.S. Walia and N.K. Ganguly

Vitamin A intake and vitamin A deficiency in rural children                                        443
M.B. Khamgaonkar, S. Ramkrishnan, K.K. Ghuliani, G.V.S. Murthy,
S. Nayar and P. Vidwans

Empyoma in infancy and childhood                                                                             447
R. Padmini, S. Srinivasan, R.K. Puri and P. Nalini

Neonatal osteomyelitis and septic arthritis                                                                 453
P.G. Deshpande, S.U. Wagle, S.D. Mehta, B.A. Bharucha and S.F. Irani

Parental diagnosis of chromosomal disorders in Delhi                                                           459
I.C. Verma, Susan Mathew, R. Elango and I. Khanna

Role of cimetidine in prevention and treatment of stress Induced gastric bleediung in neonates     465
A.K. Agarwal, A. Saili, K.K. Pandey, A.K. Saxena, M.S. Sarna and A.K. Dutta


Amniotic band syndrome                                     471
M.L. Kulkarni and P. Venu Gopal


Bromhexine                                                         479
S.K. Sehgal and Man Mohan


Neonatal morbidity and mortality in ICDS urban slums                                              485
P.K. Singhal, G.P. Mathur, S. Mathur and Y.D. Singh

Substance abuse: Knowledge and perception in adolescents                                      488
S. Malhotra, Harish Kumar, S. Aneja, S.K. Arora and J. Malhotra

Normal testicular volume among rural school-going boys of Bhilwara                                  491
R. Kumar, J. Singh and D.K. Dalmia

Cystic fibrosis: postmortem report on two cases                                                                   493
M.L. Prasad, A. Misra, M. Mathur and D.K. Gupta

Antenatal diagnosis of Parenti-Fraccaro type achondrogenesis                                              496
K. Balakumar

Unusual complications following exchange transfusioa                                                         499
R.H. Merchant, A.S. Bidwans and S.C. Gupte

Multiply resistant hemophilus influenza ‘b’ meningitis                                                           502
M. Singh, A. Ayyagiri and R.K. Marwaha


Drug misues in prescriber’s practice                                                                          507
G.P. Mathur, K.P. Kushwaha, Sarla Mathur and Om Prakash

Rational drug therapy                          508
D.G. Benkappa

Sweet Killers                                                     510
D.K. Tiwari

Hypothyroidism in newborn presenting as hyponatremic edema                               511
S. Daga, M. Soares, G. Raote, G. Uma and S. Mustafa

Baby Walkers                                                          512
B. Ahuja, Jyotsna and K. Dhamija

Evaluation of cardiac function in malnourished children by noninvasive methods     514
K.B. Kulkarni

Reply                                               514
K.E. Malathi

Integrated child development services program                                             515
S. Bhasin and S. Singh

Reply                                                       516
Shanti Ghosh

Ketamine anesthesia for painful procedures in pediatric practice                              517
P. Bobby George

Reply                                           517
R. Madan and R. Chawla

BOOK REVIEW                                                                              521


Rational drug treatment of acute upper respiratory infections in children – Part II           527
Lata Kumar and S. Deshpande

Controversy: Use of corticosteroids in bacterial meningitis                                       533
K. Chugh and A.K. Patwari

NOTES AND NEWS                                                          457, 532


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