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Indian Pediatrics June 1990; Volume 27: Number 6

Editor: R.K. Puri

Table of Contents


Enteric infections and persistent diarrhea in developing countries                            545
Saroj Mehta


Child health and manpower: 2000 AD S.K. Mittal and S. Ramji                                   549


Associated factors of protracted diarrhea                                                                              559
V. Khoshoo and M.K. Bhan

Mortality determitants and prediction of outcome in high risk newborns                  571
R. Dalvi, B.V. Dalvi, N. Birewar, G. Chari and A.R. Fernandez

Psychological adjustment of physical sick children: relationship with temperament            577
S. Malhotra and A. Malhotra

ELISA for diagnosis of tuberculosis                                                                            585
A.B. Patel, M.S. Rawat and S. Grover

Infant feeding practices in educated mothers from upper socio-economic status     591
R.U. Singhania, S.K. Kabra and A. Bansal

Maternal beliefs regarding diet during common childhood illnesses                          595
U. Kapil, A.K. Sood and D.R. Gaur

Delayed cesarean section: neonatal outcome                                                              601
Saili, M.S. Sarna, D. Haldar, S. Kumari and A.K. Dutta


Biomedical equipments: status and perspectives                                     607
Meharban Singh, V.K. Paul and A.K. Deorari


Campomelic syndrome                                                   619
S.K. Sehgal, S. Puri, A. Wadhwa, O.P. Pathak, Man Mohan and N.K. Anand]

Acute cerebrellar ataxia: an unusual presentation of poliomyelitis                             622
P.C. Gupta, G. Gathwala, S. Aneja and S.K. Arora

Diabetes insipidus and growth hormone deficiency following tubercular meningitis                             624
A Shenoi, S.A. Deshpande and R.K. Marwaha

Intramedullary dermoids in children                                                                          626
S. Kumar, S. Gupta, V. Puri, R.K. Gupta and R. Malik

Combined factors V and VIII deficiency                                         630
N. Marwaha, R. Sarode, R.K. Marwaha, A.P. Chauhan, G. Garewal and D. Prakash


Acute cerebrellar ataxia in enteric fever                                               635
S. Fakhir and S. Adhami

A newborn hypertension                                                                        636
S.R. Daga, S.B. Kadam, I. Pappu and N. Desai

Iniencephalus apertus                                                       637
M.H. Mehta and R.V. Patel

Pacifiers are they really necessary?                                                                         638
G.P. Mathur and Sarla Mathur

Pneumothorax following rupture of a primary pulmonary hydatid cyst                     641
Maulana M. Ansari and Mohd. Hanif Beg

Stress during postgraduate training in pediatrics                                                      642
A Shenoi and S. Singh

Upper and lower limb standards in newborns                                       643
J.M. Puliyel

Reply                                                644
Madhulika and S.K. Kabra


Cerebral malaria A diagnostic and therapeutic approach                                         651
D.J. Gandhi, U.S. Nayak, N. Shendurnikar and A.R. Shah 

Selected abstracts                                                658

NOTES AND NEWS                          540, 575, 584, 589, 599, 604, 616, 645


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