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Indian Pediatrics January 1990; Volume 27: Number 1

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Child labor – S.R. Banerjee                                                           7


Understanding child development – K.S. Holt                                                              9


Acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia in children: prognostic factors and Results of chemotherapy   14
S.H. Advani, B.S. Charak, S.D. Banavali, R. Gopal,
C.N. Nair, T.K. Saikia, S.K. Pal, P.A. Kurkure, K.S. Nadjkarni and V.R. Pai

Bacterial contamination of reconstituted oral rehydration solution                                      21
L. Nagarajan, N.K. Ganguli, U. Natarajan, S. Sapru and B.N.S. Walia

Multiple mucosal neuromatosis – Y. Sachdev                               27

Normal blood pressures and the evaluation of sustained blood pressure Elevation in childhood – A.K. Gupta and A.J. Ahmad                                                      33

Intrauterine growth curves in north Indian babies: weight, length, head Circumference and ponderal index – Man Mohan, S.R. Shiv Prasad, H.K. Chellani and V. Kapani                43

Ultrasonic intrauterine growth curves – H.K. Chellani, A. Batra, S. Suri, S.K. Das, V. Kapani, Man Mohan and N.K. Anand                                                               52

Polycythemia in the newborn: do asymptomatic babies need exchange transfusion?  - Meharban Singh, P.K. Singhal, V.K. Paul, A.K. Deorari and K.R. Sundaram


Workshop on child labour                                         67


Acute leukemia in Down’s syndrome – U.H. Athale, R. Nair, P. Kadam, S.K. Pai and S.H. Advani             73

Asymmetric septal hypertrophy associated with hypothyroidism – P. Vazirani, J. Sharma, C. Gandhi and S. Dave   76

Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and lentiginosis  - P.V. Havaldar, R.P. Doddannavar and B.M. Siddibhavi                                                                             79

A clinical and etiological study of proptosis – U. Tiwari and M. Agrawal                        81

Knowledge of prescribers regarding cost of pediatric medications – G.G. Christo, P. Desai, R.C. Krishna and A. Venkatesh                                                                           83

Breast feeding in cesarean babies – T. Datta                              86


Kocher Debre Semelaigne syndrome mimicking primary muscle disease – A Virmani, A. Gambhir and P.U. Iyer                                            88

Infantile polyarteritis nodosa - S.P. Pandit, N.U. Randive and S.C. Abhyankar                 89

School bag – poteintial killer  - M.L. Kulkarni                                                                91

Safety of fine needle aspiration cytology – S.K. Dey and P. Chaturvedi                          91

Acute cerebellar ataxia as a manifestation of typhoid fever – S. Nanda, A.D. Tewari and H. Singh   92

BOOK REVIEW                             94


Blood culture  - B. Vishnu Bhat and B.N. Harish                              95

Partial seizures – G. Purshowtham Rao                                  99

Instructive case – A. Shah and K. Chugh                                   105

INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS                                                 108

NOTES AND NEWS                                         20, 32, 42, 51, 58, 65, 72, 93



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