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Indian Pediatrics August 1990; Volume 27: Number 8

Editor: R.K. Puri

Table of Contents


Neonatal behavioral Assessment – Ravi S. Iyer                                              795


A longitudinal follow up of neurodevelopment of high risk newborn – a Comparison of Amiel-Tison’s method with Bayley scales of infant development        799
S. Chaudhari, S.V. Shinde, S.S. Barve, H.S. Dixit and A. Pandit

Comparative evaluation of the antipyretic efficacy of ibuprofen and paracetamol      803
Y.M. Joshi, V.B. Sovani, V.V. Joshi, J.R. Navrange, D.G. Benakappa,
P. Shivananda and V.S. Sankaranarayanan

Comparison of temperatures at different sites in term and pre-term neonates                      807
M. Nasim Khan, S.H. Ahmad and S. Fakhir

Reliability of subjective assessment of fever by mothers – S. Singhi and V. Sood        811

Skinfold thickness in well-nourished school children in Haryana –
S.K. Bhasin, S. Singh, U. Kapil, V.P. Sood and D.R. Gaur   817

Skinfolds in affluent Punjabi preschool children – N. Raizada, H. Singh, R.C.                821
Bhatia, B.K. Jain, S.M. Gupta and P. Maria

Premature infant feeding: role of diluted formula – M.S. Sarma, A. Saili,                     829
K.K. Pandey, A.K. Dutta and D.N. Mullick

Weight and height norms of 5-10 years old children of upper socio-economic status           835
Kumar, A.K. Jain, P. Mittal and G.P. Katiyar


Persistent pulmonary hypertension in the neonate                                                     841
V.K. Paul, P.K. Singhal, Arvind Baggar, A.K. Deorari and Meharban Singh


Ciprofloxacin – S.P. Kulshtrestha, F.S.K. Barar and N. Miglani                                          849


Congenital rickets – M. Mittal, A. Kumar, S. Ramji, S. Narula and S. Thirupuram   857

Single dose anti-Rh(D) immunoglobulin for chronic immune thrombocytopenic Purpura ­– Ayse Gokalp, Tekin Kanra, Aynur Oguz, Asim Gultekin and Sadi Turkay         859

Awareness about infant feeding among young lady teachers                                                 861
Harmesh Singh and Lakhvinder Kaur

Juvenile polyposis coli: a management problem – B.R. Thapa, A. Sahni, A.K. Malik, B. Nagi, S.K. Mitra and S. Mehta                                                                      863

Childhood pagets disease of bone – K. Taneja, D.P. Goel and A. Taneja                         866

Congenital short small intestine – C.N. Prasad, Hariharan and B. Salva                          869

Placental extract – a teratogen – S.K. Sehgal, Man Mohan, N.K. Anand and R. Kulsreshtha                      871

Harlequin fetus with polydactyly and renal dysplasia – S. Vijayaraghavan, B.    Vishnu Bhat, S. Srinivasan, R.K. Bhatnagar and A. Venugopal                                874


Genu recurvatum – an unusual presentation – V. Gupta, K.K. Gandhi, V.N. Tripathi, G.P. Mathur and S.N. Gupta  879

Role of elastase-α-1 proteinase inhibitor in early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis                     880
V. Kohli and Surjit Singh

Possible reason for false positive ELISA results in serodiagnosis of tuberculosis     881
A Rattan and Shriniwas

Congenital absence of penis – R.K. Bansal and J. Singh                                                 882

Do young children need fluoride toothpaste? – N. Shendurnikar                   884

Double medical malleolus, double long saphenous vein and difficulty in Renesection – K.B. Kulkarni   884


HIV infection in the pediatric age group – O.N. Bhakoo and A. Shenoi                           891

NOTES AND NEWS                               791, 792, 802, 820, 828, 833, 847, 853, 888, 899



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