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Indian Pediatrics September 1989; Volume 26: Number 9

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Integrated Child Development Services programme                                                   855
Shanti Ghosh


Monitoring and conditioning education system in ICDS Scheme – a module For National Health Programmes                                                                                             863
Umesh Kapil


Systemic lupus erythematosus in Indian Children                                                      868
U.S. Ali, R.B. Dalvi, R.H. Merchant, K.P. Mehta, A.T. Chablani, S.S. Badakere
and H.M. Bhatia

An evaluation of cardiac function in malnourished children by non-invasive methods                            875
G.R. Singh, K.E. Malathi, R.R. Kasliwal, Ashok Omar, S. Padmavati and S. Ramj

Cardiorespiratory response to stress test in normal Indian boys and adolescents    882
S. Bhave, A.V. Pherwani, A.G. Desai and K.K. Dattani

Mother’s attitude towards child’s health education and play in ICDS and non-ICDS areas        888
S. Chaturvedi, M. Prasad, J.V. Singh and B.C. Srivastava

Childbirth spacing in a rural community of Delhi: profile in various Marriage cohorts by decades   894
N.K. Sethi, S.S. Rao, O.P. Aggarwal, A. Indrayan and C.S. Chuttani

Prescription audit of under six children living in periurban areas                              900
Om Prakash, G.P. Mathur, Y.D. Singh and K.P. Kushwaha

Optimum radiation technique for retinoblastoma in eyes                                           907
U. Sharma, A.K. Gupta, P.K. Julka, S.R. Sharma, T. Parameswaran, P.K. Khosla
and Anita Pandiya


Mental Retardation – a clinician’s approach to the diagnosis of aminoacidopathies  921
M.A. Phadke, P.S. Gambhir, A.S. Joshi, A.S. Limaye, D.B. Shirole, V.S. Bapat and
J.A. Padalkar


National seminor on reducing incidence of cerebral palsy in children                                    929
D. Paul


Domperidone                                           932
S. Cherian, H.P.S. Sachdv and R.K. Puri


Superstitious beliefs and practices during childhood illnesses                                              936
B. George, N. Sathy, N.S. Sugana Bai and M.E. Atmar

Osteopetrosis reports of four cases                                           938
V.V. Kumar, P.A. Narasimha Raju and I. Visweswara Rao

An unusual presentation of biatus hernia with esophageal stricture                          942
L. Bahl, D.V. Bahl and V. Sharma

Advanced pediatric genitourinary soft tissue sarcoma                                944
R. Narang, O.P. Pathania, S.N. Jajoo and Y. Dewan

Antenatal sonographic diagnosis of omphalocele                                           947
Ravi Kapoor and M.M. Saha

Prenatal diagnosis of duodenal atresia at 30 weeks                                                    950
K. Balakumar

Omphalopagus – successful separation of conjoined twins in the newborn period   953
C.N. Prasad, R. Hari Haran, G.R. Prasad, M. Siva Kumar and V. Prabhakar

Supraventricular tachycardia                                                                                      957
T.S. Raghuveer, N. Pandit, M. Yeshwant and G.R. Narayanan


Prune belly syndrome with intracranial angiomatous malformation                          961
S. Suri, V.K. Srivastava, N. Bhatia and S. Mullick

Iatrogenic superiod vena caval syndrome                                           962
T.S. Raghuveer, W.R. Lewis and M. yeshwanth

Strychnine poisoning due to therapeutic medicine                                                     963
M.L. Kulkarni and K. Rajaram Holla

Pertussis vaccine                                          964
N. Shendurnikar

Reply                                                          965
A.K. Dutta

Susceptibility of clinical isolates to cephalosporins                           965

NOTES AND NEWS                                                              873, 881, 893, 904, 918, 927


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