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Indian Pediatrics October 1989; Volume 26: Number 10

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Universal immunization                                                     971


Spinal muscular atrophy: some easy clues to diagnosis                                                         977
P.C. Gupta, B. Ahuja, K. Dhamija and D.N. Mullick

Auditory brain stem evoked response in normal neonates and infants                                   981
A.K. Deorari, R. Garg, M.S. Bisht, G.K. Ahuja, V.K. Paul and Meharban Singh

Neonatal behavior of small for gestational age infants                                                           987
R.S. Iyer, R. Chetan and A. Venkatesh

Efficacy of oral water soluble vitamin K in neonates                                                  992
S. Sen, S. Kumari, S. Narayan, C. Bains and A.K. Dutta

Factors influencing breastfeeding behavior                                                                997
U.C. Jeeson and J. Richard

Knowledge and attitude towards breast-feeding amongst auxiliary nurse midwives in rural Delhi                                  1003
U. Kapil and S. Manocha

Oral clonidine: an effective growth hormone provocative test                                                1007
S.K. Singh, A. Hatwal, J.K. Agrawal, H.S. Bajpai and S.K. Singh

Prognostic value of ‘C’ reactive protein in tuberculosis                               1010
G. Bajaj, A. Rattan and P. Ahmad

Early onset hereditary spinocerebellar ataxia: an autosomal recessive Disorder distinct from Friedreich’s ataxia               1014
D. Kumar and C.E. Blank


Neonatal hypertension                                 1023
A Khalil


Cerebellar syndrome in malaria                                                    1037
K Bhandari and P. Bhandari

Anesthesia in Stevens Johnson syndrome                                           1038
R. Madan, R. Chawla, P. Dhar, A. Saxena and V.K. Dada

Cerebral hydatid cyst                                                     1040
L.N. Taneja, H.K. Chellani, S. Ramji, N.K. Anand and R.K. Naulakha

Time utilization study in pediatric outpatient of a referral hospital                            1042
B. Vishnu Bhat, R.K. Puri and S. Srinivasan

Bronchiolitis like presentation of Branhamella catarrhalis bronchopulmonary Infection                   1044
Meenu Singh and Sunit Singhi

Ellis Van Creveld syndrome                                                       1046
P. Mody, P. Garg and K.B. Lall

Kocher Debre Semelaigne syndrome                                      1049
M.P. Bhide, M.D. Khare, V. Jaykar, A.Y. Ranade and P.N. Patnekar

Prenatal diagnosis of Tay Sachs disease                                     1052
L.M. Ambani, R.S. Bhatia, S.B. Shah and B.N. Apte

Split hand/split foot syndrome with atresia of nasolacrimal ducts and buphthalmos                     1053
Daljit Singh, R. Daniel, M. Verma, Z. Akhtar and R.S. Beri

Epispadias with complete non-retractile prepuce                                              1055
A Krishna and P.U. Iyer


Collodion babies in a gestational diabetic mother                                               1059
Smiti Nanda, S. Nanda, N. Gulati, A.D. Tewari and K.K. Bhatia

Cerebral ataxia in malaria                                                     1060
Niranjan Shendurnikar and D.J. Gandhi

Cimetidine induced psychosis                                                        1061
M.S. Bhatia, P. Agarwal, U. Khastgir and S.C. Malik

The circus dwarf – A new sign for early diagnosis of Down’s dynrome                                 1062
J.M. Puliyel and L.T. Nair

Outcome of low birth weight babies                                                                           1063
S. Bhunia

Reply                                                                                    1064
Sudarshan Kumari         

Hold Oram syndrome with polydactyly and ostium primum defect                             1064
V.K. Kejariwal, P.K. Misra, Archana Kumar and S. Awasthi

Successful breast feeding with retracted nipples                                                                   1065
Jyotsna Padalkar

Poliomyelitis in vaccinated children                                                           1066
Ramesh K. Adhikari

Reply                                                                1067
S. Sen and Daya Sharma

NOTES AND NEWS                                            986, 1002, 1013, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1057   


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